Unbreakable Season 2


Tina Fey gets me, and I just finished Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season 2 and loved it so much.  I think season 2 started a little slowly, but each and every member of this cast makes this show worth watching.  Every character was so engaging, so here are your reasons to watch Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s second season:

(Warning: spoilers!)

Kimmy & Dong finally hook up

I guess I assumed the Dong storyline was done for, but Kimmy wasn’t over him and it turns out he wasn’t over her.  Poor Dong does get deported, but not before he loses his virginity.  My favorite part of all of this was the raccoon sanctuary, though.

“Run Lillian!”

This repeated gag cracked me up, but Lillian was amazing this season!  We got to see a lot more depth in her.  She found a cause this season and fought gentrification.  She also showed her love for both Titus & Kimmy, and apparently Robert Durst (played by Fred Armisen).  I also love that she sang!

Titus gets a boyfriend

The Titus/Mikey relationship was SO SWEET.  For me, this was the most significant romantic relationship the show has portrayed.  I love watching Titus realize that he’s in love, as he puts Mikey before himself.  I love watching Mikey go from a random character to a significant player.  I loved Mikey’s coming out… but what was up with that puppet Nonna?  Dying.

Kimmy finds her mom

I have an uncanny ability to recognize Lisa Kudrow’s voice and totally picked up on that during the cartoon scenes.  I was afraid we’d have to wait a whole season for Kimmy to find her mom, but it was satisfying to see Kimmy confront her past this season.  She’s dealing with the bunker and she’s dealing with the abandonment she felt from her mom.  And yay, Lisa Kudrow.

Jon Hamm

Let’s be real, it’s always nice to see him back!  I was afraid his part of the show might be over.  It looks like he’ll be a major player in season 3, though.  Also, the “buy the world a coke” joke was literally my favorite of the entire season.

Jacqueline falls in love

Jacqueline progressed so much as a human this season.  I have always loved Jane Krakowski’s portrayal of Jacqueline Voorhees, but Jacqueline White was almost someone entirely different.  We saw her parent (kind of), we saw her reconnect with her parents and her culture, and we saw her fall in love.  Jane rocks, you guys.  She literally looks as young as she did in Ally McBeal.

We meet a drunk lady

TINA FEY.  I thought her lawyer character from last season was a bit of a throw-away for her, so it’s nice to see her play someone new here.  Andrea was such a hilarious character.  Her whole storyline was excellent, and she was completely hilarious.  “Uppie!” was my second favorite line.

Kimmy’s hiking on sunlight

This song was pretty ridiculous, but the sentiment rings true– Kimmy is a real ray of sunshine and Ellie Kemper does such a fantastic job.  The best gag was that all of the kids kept coming up to her and taking pictures with her at Disney World.  That about encapsulates it.

Ugh, I can’t wait for more Kimmy Schmidt!


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