Clone Club Catch-Up: Beth



I watched the season four premiere of Orphan Black with someone who has never seen the show before.  With so many alliances, stretch-science, and all of the main characters being played by the same actress, I was naturally a little concerned that my companion would be confused– aren’t we all sometimes?

Imagine my confusion, then, when we start with Beth.  Beth died in the very first episode.  Sarah wasn’t in this episode until the very end.  Alison and Cosima only had small cameos.  I was concerned that my companions first impression of this show would be this odd-ball episode… but man, did I love it.

Beth is an important character in Orphan Black.  She brought the Clone Club together.  Alison, Cosima, and Sarah would never have met if not for Beth.  We only know Beth as Sarah did– we only see Beth ending her life.  We see her through video.  We see her as played by Sarah.  We thought we knew Beth, but we had no idea how much Beth knew.  Sarah may have done a lot of work connecting the pieces of this puzzle, but Beth knew so much more.  What’s taken us three seasons to learn, Beth knew.

The season 4 opener was a weird one, but SUCH a good one.  I’m more interested in the story than ever.  I’m SO excited for MK, another character for Maslany to slay.  I’m SO excited to see the Clone Club back together tonight.

Who’s watching Orphan Black?  What did you think of the new episode of the fourth season?

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  1. I thought Sarah and Beth were a lot alike. Funny and snarky. Of course, Beth doesn’t have the accent, but they were very similar. I recap Orphan Black on my blog, too, and I love reading what others have to say on the same topic. Everyone has such a different perspective on the same episode.

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