Sailor Moon Crystal: Infinity 2


Another episode called Infinity something?  Okay, Crystal.  Anyway, I felt like there were not big reveals in this episode, but then I remembered it’s because I know the arc.  If you don’t, then you may have learned the following:

  • The weird healing girl is called Hotaru
  • Her father is a mad scientist, of sorts
  • Pharaoh 90 is this arc’s big bad
  • The new sailor senshi look mysteriously like Michiru & Haruka, but only to Usagi

It honestly cracks me up that Luna, arguably the brains of the operation, can’t place Michiru and Haruka after looking at photos of both Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus.  At least Usagi is thinking!

I’m still confused about Haruka’s gender, but maybe that’s coming?  I’m a little confused about why she kisses Usagi… I don’t think this happens in the original anime, if I’m remembering correctly.  I remember Haruka being super flirty, but I think I’d remember a kiss.  I should probably read more of the manga, eh?

I thoroughly enjoyed how Rei rings in her fifteenth birthday, and how the senshi look in hiking gear.

We’ve got a lot more to uncover; the creepy amulet given to Hotaru is just the beginning…

Anyone else in my boat and not quite current with the manga?  It’s fun, at least, to watch the story evolve a little differently!  Thoughts?

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