Day: April 4, 2016

Girls: Hello Kitty


In a way, I feel like this episode should have happened long ago… not in storyline, but truly in theme.  Jessa and Adam.  Hannah knows.  This is that moment we watch this show for.  We’ve been there.  But let’s back up.

The episode starts out in typical Hannah fashion with inappropriate behavior– in order to stop Principal Toby from yelling at her, Hannah flashes him full bush.  Fran is furious, and rightly so.  You have to agree that a.) this is not appropriate adult behavior and b.) no boyfriend is going to be happy to hear this news.  But also, Fran is pretty awful in this episode.  He is the most combative we’ve seen him, and he and Hannah alternatively argue and ignore each other throughout the episode.  Until this episode, I thought I knew Fran was on the outs.  I’m thinking differently today.

Marnie scared me for a moment, because I thought she was going to be typical Marnie again.  Taking Ray’s hands, she tells him she left Desi and she wants to know what he thinks about it.  In that action, I saw her already making a bad (read: selfish) decision, but then she admits that she needs to be alone.  This infuriates Ray, who walks off to save from making his own bad decision, but is truly what Marnie needs.  Of course, Desi is not out of the picture yet!  If they’re to make this work “as a band,” something tells me it won’t end there.

Let’s talk about the moment at the play (which I think it super interesting, by the way) where Hannah makes the connection.  She looks from Jessa to Adam and back and we see the wheels turning in her head.  Even from across the expanse of the street below, she can sense the connection between them that wasn’t there before.  It’s a painful realization, and although technically unfounded at the moment, it’s enough for Hannah.  Seeing them walk away together all but solidifies it.  Tears well in Hannah’s eyes, but Fran doesn’t notice.  Hannah clings to Fran, because he’s who she has.

I was thinking about this last night– Hannah and Adam never had a clean break of an ending.  I am furious with Jessa, despite never being a fan of Hannah and Adam.  That moment from the window to the balcony made this episode worth it for me.