Month: April 2016

April, Over & Out!

I’m going to do something a little different with my monthly insta-recaps.  Instead of speaking to each photo, as I typically do, I’m instead just going to note my highlights of the month!  Yes, they usually correspond with the photos, but not all the time!


April was a busy month socially– every weekend seemed to be booked!  I’ve been to so many dinners and brunches with friends & family.  Tonight I’ve got dinner plans and tomorrow, brunch!

This month held another Les Mills Launch!  I did Body Pump followed by Body Attack, and promptly fell asleep!  I’ve also integrated a lot more climbing into my life.  I’m making such progress, and I really love it.

I attended PAX East for the first time ever!  Coupled with a special restaurant event (a local place hosting a Japanese ramen place!) and the Japan Festival in the scorching sun, it was a fun, but tiring weekend!  …and a LOT of waiting in lines.

We cooked a lot and we ate a lot.  This weekend, we’re off to pasta making class!

May is already shaping up to be busy too… but hopefully, just as fun!  I’m looking forward to some warmer weather.  How was everyone’s April?  Any great plans for next month?

What I Read: February, March & April


It looks like I’ve settled into a pattern of reading about 4 books per month, which is on par with my Goodreads 2016 Reading Challenge goal.  I got a nice head start in January, but haven’t shared with you what I’ve read since then.  So, here goes!


Sailor Moon Crystal: Infinity 3


In yesterday’s Sailor Moon, we finally got to officially meet Sailor Neptune & Sailor Uranus!  Their entrance was sufficiently lovely and conveniently right at the end of the episode, so we’ve yet to see how the senshi will react.

We explored talismans with (most of) the outer senshi.  Hotaru tells Chibiusa about her father and his spooky experiments and about her amulet, the brilliance of which is out-shined by Chibiusa’s Legendary Silver Crystal.  Chibiusa’s crystal takes away Hotaru’s pain, as the amulet did, but something tells me in a better way… aka not evil.  Chibiusa then catches a ride in a helicopter with strangers who say they know Usagi very well… seems safe.  Anyway, she enjoys her ride with Michiru and Haruka.  I’ve never seen Haruka in clothes like this before!  The amulet talk shifts to talismans and Michiru shows Chibiusa her mirror.

Speaking of Haruka and Michiru, Crystal’s Usagi already knows that these two are sailor senshi.  What a smart Sailor Moon we have here!


We finish with a very pleasingly color-coded group going to Michiru’s violin recital.  Sure, Mimete of the Witches 5 is there to shake things up.  One Moon Spiral Heart Attack is all it takes to get rid of three daimons, but Deep Submerge + World Shaking finish Mimete off.

Can’t wait to see more of the Outers in action!  Thoughts?!

Clone Club Catch-Up: Secrets


Last week on Orphan Black, we got to see Sadler torch a house, Kira get sassy, and best of all– the whole Clone Club.

The whole Clone Club includes Fe, who’s holding a secret that only Alison knows– he’s looking for his birth family.  When he tells Sarah, she is as unsupportive as he figured she’d be.  Poor Fe.  He’s right: Sarah is related to her foster mother and, let’s face it, everyone else on the show.  It’s no wonder he’s feeling a lack of familiar bonds.

Alison is just being Alison– being the most kickass housewife the suburbs have ever seen.  She is not happy about Helena‘s prescence.  Helena learns that she is carrying twins!

Cosima is continuing her science with Scott from the basement of a comic book shop… awesome!

Art watches Beth‘s surveillance footage.  We now have a full picture of her final days.

Sarah is back to investigating.  She stops by the Neolution club, is mistaken for Beth, and finds out about the organic implant which destroys its host.  She then meets MK in a Laundromat, but MK continues to hide as Beth told her to.  While Sarah is left alone and Suds & Tumble, the paramedic couple comes in, checks her cheek, and Sarah realizes that she has something in her cheek that Dyad put there.

Crazy!  I’m much more oriented in this season how.  How’s everyone else feeling about Orphan Black?!

Unbreakable Season 2


Tina Fey gets me, and I just finished Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season 2 and loved it so much.  I think season 2 started a little slowly, but each and every member of this cast makes this show worth watching.  Every character was so engaging, so here are your reasons to watch Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s second season:

(Warning: spoilers!) (more…)

Clone Club Catch-Up: Beth



I watched the season four premiere of Orphan Black with someone who has never seen the show before.  With so many alliances, stretch-science, and all of the main characters being played by the same actress, I was naturally a little concerned that my companion would be confused– aren’t we all sometimes?

Imagine my confusion, then, when we start with Beth.  Beth died in the very first episode.  Sarah wasn’t in this episode until the very end.  Alison and Cosima only had small cameos.  I was concerned that my companions first impression of this show would be this odd-ball episode… but man, did I love it.

Beth is an important character in Orphan Black.  She brought the Clone Club together.  Alison, Cosima, and Sarah would never have met if not for Beth.  We only know Beth as Sarah did– we only see Beth ending her life.  We see her through video.  We see her as played by Sarah.  We thought we knew Beth, but we had no idea how much Beth knew.  Sarah may have done a lot of work connecting the pieces of this puzzle, but Beth knew so much more.  What’s taken us three seasons to learn, Beth knew.

The season 4 opener was a weird one, but SUCH a good one.  I’m more interested in the story than ever.  I’m SO excited for MK, another character for Maslany to slay.  I’m SO excited to see the Clone Club back together tonight.

Who’s watching Orphan Black?  What did you think of the new episode of the fourth season?