Girls: The Panic in Central Park


Well, in this episode we encounter the inevitable: the Marnie/Desi break-up.  While this is a surprise to no one, there was a big surprise in this episode– Charlie’s return!  Maybe I don’t pay enough attention, but I did not see that coming.

I absolutely LOVED this emotionally-charged episode.  Desi continued to act completely emotionally unstable.  Marnie takes off and just like, doesn’t come back for a day because she runs into Charlie who has a new accent and some new friends.  And is also clearly on drugs throughout.  Marnie apparently sees nothing wrong with him and goes on a weird adventure where they buy a dress & go to a party so sell some coke.  Charlie keeps disappearing to the bathroom and Marnie doesn’t notice.  Marnie is seemingly letting loose and pretends to be a prostitute to score a quick $600.  They have dinner and a romantic swim in Central Park.  Marnie spends the night with him and they plan to run away from it all.  Then she finds a needle and her illusions shatter.

It was an adventure of self-discovery, though.  When Charlie is plotting to run away with Marnie, she says that she hates all of her stuff.  I like this line, because it’s weird and materialistic, but also totally telling that Marnie is not happy with her life.

Shoeless and ringless (due to a casual robbery at gunpoint), Marnie returns home to find Desi waiting for her and she admits just that.  She does not want to be married to him.  She doesn’t know what she’s doing.  Desi says she knows so little about the world that she’ll probably get murdered.  I appreciate this touch, as he’s crazy until the end.  Marnie decides to leave and ends the episode sleeping at Hannah’s.

So, that was more synopsis than anything, but I have just so many feelings about this episode.  There’s something so relatable about the way that Marnie could rekindle so easily with Charlie– this is why I watch this show.  Feeling like the Marnie is probably not the best, but sometimes I’m just a Marnie.

Thoughts, guys?!

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