Girls: Queen for Two Days

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 6.50.54 PM

So, no Marnie.  Have we gotten an episode with all four girls in it yet?  I mean, yes in appearance, but not really in terms of storyline… except for the wedding.  Okay, on the the episode at hand.

Hannah‘s adventures in lesbianism are typical Hannah– half-hearted and not thought through.  It was pretty unexpected and pretty hilarious when all was said and done.  I did actually enjoy watching Hannah throughout the entire retreat from hating everything to totally grooving on it.  Hannah’s been great this season.  Fran, you are on your way out!

Shoshanna is not feeling Japan as much as I thought she was.  The fact that she’s working in a cat cafe might have something to do with it.  Perhaps without her job to fulfill her and give her purpose, Shosh feels the homesickness.  Oh man, Yoshi, though– “we will lose our virginities to each other.”  Oops.  I love how Shosh lets this go, like, that’s exactly what’s going to happen.  I might actually miss virgin Shosh?  That was funny.  I sometimes miss Shosh and Ray too.  I was team Yoshi all the way, but suddenly Shoshanna in Japan just feels sad.

Jessa and Adam are really going for it.  I was curious whether their first attempt at intimacy might have been a deterrent, but obviously not.  They seem to be in a rhythm now.  Jessa is fully calling him her boyfriend– ouch to Hannah.  Adam is crazy enough to decide to pay for Jessa to go to school.  Is this sweet or stupid?  You tell me!


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