Girls: Old Loves


No Shosh this time, boo.  That must mean she’s still in Japan, yay.

Interestingly, Marnie was the least awful of the girls in this episode.  Hannah was pretty irrational and Jessa made poor decisions.

Married life is off to a weird start for Marnie as she comes home to Desi remodeling her tiny apartment.  I would be mad about this too, but seeing her come home to make up with Desi was really sweet.  Has Marnie actually grown?

Hannah and Fran has probably run its course.  Hannah is definitely feeling that way.  It’s hard to say who crossed a line first.  I definitely agree with Hannah that Fran is seemingly great, but has revealed himself as kind of awful lately.  Should he be correcting Hannah’s students’ papers?  Nope.  (Though, Hannah leaving incorrect grammar untouched does break this little WLP‘s heart.)  Should Hannah be pulling him out of class to explain their relationship dynamic to her student?  Nope!  It’s hard to imagine how things could get worse from where we saw Fran last week, but I think this relationship is going to continue to unravel.

Ugh Jessa.  Why has she wanted Adam for a long time?  Honestly, what are people seeing in Adam?  He basically stalked her.  She resists because of her friend, who she decides to be super mean to.  She gives in and the chemistry doesn’t really seem to be there?  On one hand, it’s like, we finally got this over with, but I’m still wondering what’s next for these two.


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