Girls: Japan


I have been eagerly awaiting this episode because 1.) Shosh is my favorite and 2.) Japan is my favorite… despite having never been there.  Anyway, Shoshanna has basically been living my dream and hers in Japan for 7 months and everything about her life there is too kawaii for me to handle– aka I love it all.

It’s fun hearing Shosh speak some Japanese and I totally love the comment her Japanese friends make about her attitude making her seem rich and her response that it’s how all Americans are.  I can’t even remember her American boyfriend’s name, but it’s clearly not important.  I feel bad for him at the end of the episode, but really, I was cheering for Shoshanna & Yoshi.  Really, I’m cheering for Shoshanna’s life there in Japan.  I’m assuming she will have to come back to America, but what’s next is anyone’s guess.

Okay, let’s talk about Fran’s phone and how NOT OKAY those pictures were.  Honestly, poor Hannah!  Very infrequently do we have reason to pity Hannah, and I’m not by any means condoning her reaction of having Ray & Elijah take photos of her and deleting the exes off of Fran’s phone… that’s going to come back to bite her.  Fran seems like such a good guy, but like, yikes dude.  That’s probably a deal breaker.

I’m looking forward to honeymoon Marnie’s return to real life and hope I never hear her say Ecuador again.

I’m already bored of this Adam/Jessa thing.  Just hook up already if you’re going to.  Which you are.


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