Day: March 6, 2016

Top Chef: Where It All Started

Guys, can you believe this episode was the last QuickFire of season 13?!  This has flown by!  Five chefs– Isaac, Amar, Carl, Marjorie, and Jeremy– meet Padma and Traci Des Jardins for an interesting final QuickFire: toast!  An artisanal toast QuickFire is about as San Francisco as you can get, but it’s a delicate balancing act– it can easily go too simple or too complicated.

Here’s what they make:


Jeremy is the clear winner for Padma and Traci.  Oh, did I mention it’s a sudden death QuickFire?  In this case, the bottom two dishes are facing off and the loser goes home.  This, sadly, puts Carl v. Amar cooking for their chance to cook for a space in the finale.  Tom comes out to judge along with Padma and Traci.


Padma prefers Carl’s crudo, while Tom prefers Amar’s dish.  Traci acts as tie-breaker preferring Carl’s and saving his place in the competition.  Amar goes home… over toast.

Hubert Keller comes to help announce the elimination challenge.  As a send off to Fleur de Lys, which hosted Top Chef’s first ever QuickFire, they chefs will create a tribute dish to serve to a room full of Hubert’s nearest and dearest.  After a meal from Hubert himself and browsing some past menus, the chefs find themselves inspired.

They make:


Isaac’s ballontine wasn’t perfect, nor was Marjorie’s lamb.  Carl’s over-ambitious foie was made in three hours when it should take three days.  Jeremy is the clear winner– wow did he have a great day!

Carl had a really bad day.  Marjorie and Isaac move on the the finale, while Carl has to pack his knives.  I was so sad to see him go as he’s been my favorite throughout!  Last Chance Kitchen is always a possibility, though!

Who do you think will rejoin the competition for the finale?  Who do you think will be the next Top Chef?!