Fitness Friday: 16 push-ups

Happy Friday, guys!  I’m happy to report I’ve survived the week, despite it being a bit stressful at times.  Now I’m just counting down the hours until the weekend!

I can’t even tell you what I did last Friday; I simply don’t remember… but it wasn’t hitting the gym, oops!

Saturday, it was the triumphant return of the love of my life favorite Body Pump instructor!  Before he left on his business trip, he challenged us to double the number of push-ups we can do on our toes, double it again, and double it one last time.  I did exactly 1 push-up on my toes that week, so he was expecting 8 out of me upon his return.  I did 8… twice.  That’s right, 16 push-ups on my toes!  I think I’m getting the hang of this.


Sunday is always a day of rest.

Monday, Body Pump again!

Tuesday, CX Work!  I can’t believe I’ve added this to my routine, but it’s so quick that by the time you hate you, you’re almost done!

Wednesday, I did a quick 1 mile run then went to Body Pump again!  And yes, I repeated the 16 push-ups for the instructor again since he did the same track as Saturday.

Yesterday, I went to a different kind of gym… a rock climbing gym!  Full disclosure: I wrote this post pre-climbing, so hopefully I can report that my new muscles did me right.  We’ll see, though.

Hope you guys have some fun Friday plans!  Mine do involve leaving the house and not to go to the gym.  What are you all up to?!

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