Walking Wednesday: Knots Untie


If I recall correctly, I complained about a lack of Glenn and Maggie last week.  This week, those two were awesome.  Maggie was a total boss and I think I’ve developed an uncontrollable crush on Glenn.  They’re both great, but Maggie this week!

Jesus proposed that his community trade with Rick Grimes & co. and reveals that his community, Hilltop, has other trade partners.  This basically blows the minds of the core group now headquartered in Alexandria, and you know what?  It blew my mind too.  Perhaps it’s a good thing that I’m so into this storyline that I too don’t consider what else might be out there and thriving.  This opens up a whole new world of possibility.

Of course, things weren’t that easy.  It was totally fun seeing Glenn, Daryl, and Abraham go basically through a haunted house of zombies when they spotted the car crash because, duh, there’s already a problem.  Seeing the community for the first time was pretty inspiring, and that music was perfectly paired!  The leader of the Hilltop group, Gregory, immediately comes across as super sleazy.  I totally thought he was going to die and that would be that.  Oh well, second chances are a thing, I guess.

Of course, Rick Grimes & co. bring violence with them.  Rick is like, not so scary of a guy just looking at him, but he can become scary really quickly, and it’s always interesting seeing people react.  However, I am floored by the fact that he, Maggie, the whole group really think that they are the strongest; invincible.  They’re ready to go in, guns blazing, and take on Negan & the Savoirs?  Michonne is right: this is going to be a fight.

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