Month: March 2016

Girls: The Panic in Central Park


Well, in this episode we encounter the inevitable: the Marnie/Desi break-up.  While this is a surprise to no one, there was a big surprise in this episode– Charlie’s return!  Maybe I don’t pay enough attention, but I did not see that coming.

I absolutely LOVED this emotionally-charged episode.  Desi continued to act completely emotionally unstable.  Marnie takes off and just like, doesn’t come back for a day because she runs into Charlie who has a new accent and some new friends.  And is also clearly on drugs throughout.  Marnie apparently sees nothing wrong with him and goes on a weird adventure where they buy a dress & go to a party so sell some coke.  Charlie keeps disappearing to the bathroom and Marnie doesn’t notice.  Marnie is seemingly letting loose and pretends to be a prostitute to score a quick $600.  They have dinner and a romantic swim in Central Park.  Marnie spends the night with him and they plan to run away from it all.  Then she finds a needle and her illusions shatter.

It was an adventure of self-discovery, though.  When Charlie is plotting to run away with Marnie, she says that she hates all of her stuff.  I like this line, because it’s weird and materialistic, but also totally telling that Marnie is not happy with her life.

Shoeless and ringless (due to a casual robbery at gunpoint), Marnie returns home to find Desi waiting for her and she admits just that.  She does not want to be married to him.  She doesn’t know what she’s doing.  Desi says she knows so little about the world that she’ll probably get murdered.  I appreciate this touch, as he’s crazy until the end.  Marnie decides to leave and ends the episode sleeping at Hannah’s.

So, that was more synopsis than anything, but I have just so many feelings about this episode.  There’s something so relatable about the way that Marnie could rekindle so easily with Charlie– this is why I watch this show.  Feeling like the Marnie is probably not the best, but sometimes I’m just a Marnie.

Thoughts, guys?!

Girls: Queen for Two Days

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 6.50.54 PM

So, no Marnie.  Have we gotten an episode with all four girls in it yet?  I mean, yes in appearance, but not really in terms of storyline… except for the wedding.  Okay, on the the episode at hand.

Hannah‘s adventures in lesbianism are typical Hannah– half-hearted and not thought through.  It was pretty unexpected and pretty hilarious when all was said and done.  I did actually enjoy watching Hannah throughout the entire retreat from hating everything to totally grooving on it.  Hannah’s been great this season.  Fran, you are on your way out!

Shoshanna is not feeling Japan as much as I thought she was.  The fact that she’s working in a cat cafe might have something to do with it.  Perhaps without her job to fulfill her and give her purpose, Shosh feels the homesickness.  Oh man, Yoshi, though– “we will lose our virginities to each other.”  Oops.  I love how Shosh lets this go, like, that’s exactly what’s going to happen.  I might actually miss virgin Shosh?  That was funny.  I sometimes miss Shosh and Ray too.  I was team Yoshi all the way, but suddenly Shoshanna in Japan just feels sad.

Jessa and Adam are really going for it.  I was curious whether their first attempt at intimacy might have been a deterrent, but obviously not.  They seem to be in a rhythm now.  Jessa is fully calling him her boyfriend– ouch to Hannah.  Adam is crazy enough to decide to pay for Jessa to go to school.  Is this sweet or stupid?  You tell me!


Nikkisee Travels

Well friends, as you read this, I am flying to a city that’s been on my list for years– Chicago!  Yes, I realize March may not be the ideal time to visit, but one of my best friends is on spring break from her doctoral program and my travel companion needed to use or lose some vacation days.


I’ll be vlogging throughout my trip, so be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel to see all of the things we ate and saw. While I’m away, you can keep up with me on snapchat (nikkisee47), instagram, and twitter.  Be sure to like the blog on facebook to see when posts resume– I will have plenty of TV to catch up on when I return!


Leave me some recommendations for must see/must eat in the comments!!

Walking Wednesday: The Same Boat


“You’re not the good guys.  You should know that.”

Last week, we were left worrying about what would happen to Carol and Maggie.  If you think Carol’s been acting weird for the past couple of weeks, you ain’t seen nothing yet.  This episode had a Carol like we’ve never seen before.

I frequently marvel at Carol’s transformation from scared housewife to complete and total badass.  Watching her regain her humanity is almost hard for me.  When you watch a show called The Walking Dead, you expect it to be pretty violent.  What I love about The Walking Dead is the depths of emotions it portrays.  Melissa McBride did a bang-up job in this episode!  It is taking some time for me, though, to mourn that killer Carol.  Her behavior at the beginning of the episode– the crucifix, the panic attack– didn’t feel warranted to me.  By the time I saw flashes of that killer Carol I figured she must have been playing them.  Was she?  By the end of the episode, when that Daryl/Carol connection is highlighted and we hear that she is not okay, I think maybe this is a union of old Carol and new… a newer Carol with that survival instinct plus humanity.  Like I said, it is going to take some getting used to.

Maggie and Glenn serve as a contrast in these last two episodes– watching Glenn struggle to kill vs. watching Maggie want to eradicate that whole compound.  When the door opened and they came gun to gun, the relief was there on Glenn’s face.  It seemed like Maggie only felt shock.  I love these two, and I’m kind of worried about Maggie.

So, Negan.  Is there a Negan?  I listened when that chick said we’re all Negan.  I could buy that there’s no leader.  One thing I’m pretty sure of: that dude Rick shot in the head was not Negan, despite his claims.  Thoughts?!

Girls: Old Loves


No Shosh this time, boo.  That must mean she’s still in Japan, yay.

Interestingly, Marnie was the least awful of the girls in this episode.  Hannah was pretty irrational and Jessa made poor decisions.

Married life is off to a weird start for Marnie as she comes home to Desi remodeling her tiny apartment.  I would be mad about this too, but seeing her come home to make up with Desi was really sweet.  Has Marnie actually grown?

Hannah and Fran has probably run its course.  Hannah is definitely feeling that way.  It’s hard to say who crossed a line first.  I definitely agree with Hannah that Fran is seemingly great, but has revealed himself as kind of awful lately.  Should he be correcting Hannah’s students’ papers?  Nope.  (Though, Hannah leaving incorrect grammar untouched does break this little WLP‘s heart.)  Should Hannah be pulling him out of class to explain their relationship dynamic to her student?  Nope!  It’s hard to imagine how things could get worse from where we saw Fran last week, but I think this relationship is going to continue to unravel.

Ugh Jessa.  Why has she wanted Adam for a long time?  Honestly, what are people seeing in Adam?  He basically stalked her.  She resists because of her friend, who she decides to be super mean to.  She gives in and the chemistry doesn’t really seem to be there?  On one hand, it’s like, we finally got this over with, but I’m still wondering what’s next for these two.


Top Chef: Magic Hour

Wasn’t this technically the finale part 1?  Anyway, it’s hard to believe we’ve gone from 17 chefs to just three: Marjorie, Jeremy, and Isaac.  I kind of feel like I love them all at this point.  Let’s not forget our Last Chance Kitchen winner: Amar!  These four are ready to fight it out for the title of Top Chef in Las Vegas.

They meet Padma and Tom in the MGM arena for a culinary battle.  Instead of an elimination, the winner of this challenge is going straight through to the finale.  Padma deals them some cards.  So, I learned something new: each suit represented a class of people– spades were royalty, hearts were clergy, diamonds were merchants, and clubs were peasants.  They’ll have to cook with a pantry of ingredients selected for the class they were dealt.  The higher classes can pick from the lowers, so royalty can go to any pantry, clergy can use any but royalty, merchants have their own plus peasants, but peasants just have their own to work with.  Marjorie gets the spade, Isaac gets the heart, Jeremy gets the diamond, and Amar gets the club.  They also get some help in the forms of Karen, Carl, Kwame, and Phillip (respectively).  Here’s what they make:


Tom is really impressed overall with the food.  Everyone rose to the challenge,  but Jeremy is declared the winner and secures himself a spot in the finale.

Then it’s time for the magic of David Copperfield.  They chefs all go see his show in Vegas for inspiration.  Jeremy gets to sit this one out, but Marjorie, Isaac, and Amar need to put some magic on plates for the judges.


Marjorie puts on a show and tells a story.  Her liquid nitrogen trick almost bit her, as she burnt her tongue with it, inhibiting her from truly tasting her food.  Her performance is well-received, and her food is too!


Isaac actually preforms a magic trick!  He pretends to chuck an egg at Padma, then throws nothing to Gail having made it “disappear.”  His play on chicken-fried steak is very well-received, though his nerves don’t keep him talking as much as Marjorie had.


Amar doesn’t put on a show at all.  He doesn’t preform to the table of judges, but rather, let’s his food be a surprise.  When the cloche comes off and the smoke clears, they judges have a plate full of surprises!

When it comes down to it, Amar met the challenge best.  He wins and will face Jeremy in the finale!  When Jeremy finds out who his competitor will be, he says Amar is about as well-rounded as they come.  Truly, both Jeremy and Amar have been consistent in this competition.  Yes, neither without their bad moments, but they deserve to be here now.  I can’t wait to see who wins!

Any predictions?