Top Chef: Wok This Way

In this week’s Top Chef, just six chefs remain… Karen is not one of them, and her Chinese challenge finally came up!  Sorry, Boston.

Martin Yan of Yan Can Cook is with Padma to introduce the Quickfire: using a wok to create their versions of chop suey.  With immunity now off the table, the winner receives an advantage going into the elimination challenge.  Carl, Kwame, and Isaac are on the bottom, while Jeremy, Marjorie, and Amar are on the top.  Marjorie wins with her Lobster Chop Suey with Ginger, Thai Chili, Orange & Fresh Vegetables Over Rice!

For the elimination challenge, each chef has to create a dish to embody a concept for a fast-casual restaurant.  Each chef is given a sous chef to help them accomplish this task.  As the winner of the Quickfire, Marjorie not only gets to choose her sous chef first, but also gets to assign everyone else’s.

Marjorie selects Angelina for herself.  She gives Jeremy Jason to work with, pairs Carl with Chad, Amar with Karen, Isaac with Wesley, and leaves Phillip for Kwame.

Here are the concepts and the representative dishes:


Marjorie and Carl, my two favorites in the competition, are the best two of the night!  I’m happy to see Carl claim the win – let’s go, Cambridge!

Jeremy and Kwame find themselves in the bottom.  It’s hard to see two such strong chefs up for elimination.  Kwame made the fatal mistake of using frozen waffles for his chicken and waffle concept, and for that is asked to pack his knives.

This was as hard of an elimination as last week.  As we get closer and closer to the finale, who do you think we’ll see there?!

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