Day: February 22, 2016

Girls: Wedding Day


Girls is back!  My Sunday night felt a little less awful with a new episode of Girls to cap off the weekend.  But ew, it’s Marnie’s wedding day.

Marnie is, as usual, the worst.  And guys, I’m Marnie’s biggest and probably only fan, and even I thought she was horrible.  The whole aesthetic of her wedding is weird, first of all.  I hate the dress and the whole persona she was trying to embody.  The bridesmaids dresses were a very trendy color but it sure did look low budget and sad.

Shosh was adorable as always.  I’m not sure if I’m digging the blonde on her, but I (obviously) love what her time in Japan has done to her.  I’m very interested in her relationship dynamic, honestly.

Hannah seems happy with Fran and that’s nice.  Jessa and Adam’s kiss was so wrong in every way.  Will this break Hannah’s heart?  I think yes.  Jessa did crack me up, though– “I just bathed in the stream and ran through a field to dry myself.”  Of course you did, Jessa.

The question: will Desi go through with it?  All signs are pointing to yes as we pan out on the wedding.  Am I surprised that this is his 8th engagement?  No, no I can’t say I am.  I really don’t think that Marnie knows Desi at all.  Hannah tried to do the right thing and tell her this, but ended up doing a different right thing and reassuring her friend when she needed it most.  I’m sure this will come back to bite her, though.

Ugh, I’m so happy this show is back in my life and I liked that season opener!  Thoughts?!