Top Chef: Time Travel

The remaining judges arrive in Oakland, CA and find MC Hammer guest judging their Quickfire!  The Quickfire is actually hilarious– they need to select a rapper name and create a dish that embodies their chosen moniker.

Karen goes for the Pink Dragon and makes a hot & sour soup.  Carl calls himself Dr. Funky Fresh and makes a beef tartar with fish sauce.  Amar selects Santana Lovah as his rapper name and makes a soy-glazed chilean sea bass.  Marjorie goes by Miss Punch-A-Lot and makes a fried chicken sandwich.  Isaac calls himself Toups Legit and makes scallops & grits.  Jeremy goes by Spicy J-Rock 305 and makes a spicy broth with crab, squash, and halibut.  Kwame, who calls himself Bay-lish, also makes a seafood broth with crab.  There is also a fair amount of embarrassing rapping…


The least favorites were Amar, Marjorie, and Kwame.  Hammer’s favorites were Carl, Isaac, and Karen.  Isaac claims the win, though!

Pleased with the throwback, Padma announces that they’re taking it back even further.  Jonathan Waxman comes out with a little globe to help her out.  For the elimination challenge, they must pick a different time/place from the globe and create a dish from that era.

  • Isaac picks the Viking age
  • Carl chooses ancient Greece
  • Amar selects Paris during the belle-époque
  • Marjorie snags Indus Valley / Ancient India
  • Kwame scoops up Han Dynasty Beijing
  • Jeremy goes for San Francisco Gold Rush
  • Karen gets the Empire of Japan

They have to walk the line between historical influence and originality.  Here’s what they cook and serve for a Michelin-star-studded table:

IMG_1120Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 2.52.53 PM

Tom is proud all-around.  Despite any historical inaccuracies, everything tasted good!

Kwame, Amar, and Carl had the judges favorite dishes of the evening!  Kwame’s restraint on his plate won Jonathan Waxman over.  Gail praises Amar’s technique.  Carl simplicity and inventiveness impresses Tom.  Amar wins the elimination challenge!

Jeremy, Marjorie, and Karen find themselves facing the judges for elimination.  Karen’s Chinese influence dulled the Japanese dish she was supposed to be making.  Marjorie’s paratha did not impress Padma.  Jeremy’s chowder was too fussy, less developed.

Sadly, Karen goes home!  I hate to see Boston go home, and I’m dying to go to Myers & Chang.  There’s always LCK!  What did you guys think?!


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