Fitness Friday


just a couple of #fitnessenthusiasts

I started weekend vlogging not long before I started running, and I chronicled my weekly fitness progress in the same post as said vlog, seemingly to keep myself accountable.  I stopped doing that, rather without explanation, and I kind of stopped running too… for now.  But I have been super accountable to fitness, and anyone who watches my weekend vlogs has seen that.  Plus, this has become someone I’m super passionate about.  So, let’s try this again, shall we?

I have had a GREAT week at the gym.

Monday: There was a blizzard and my normal class got cancelled.  Instead, I trekked it over in the snow for an extra special CX Work class followed by a suspiciously long, but incredible Body Combat class.  I woke up the next day with abs.

Tuesday: My normal spin class is gone, gone away.  I celebrated National Pizza Day with my friend instead, oops.

Wednesday: Body Pump, love of my life.

Thursday: Body Attack followed by another CX Work.

So far, that’s a total of 5 classes and 4 hours spent working out.

Tonight, I’m headed to a new instructor’s RPM (spin) class and tomorrow, to Body Pump again.  This weekend, my cousin is hosting her birthday party at her trainer’s new gym, which means more spinning!  Stay tuned for the weekend vlog to see how it all went.

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