Month: February 2016

Girls: Good Man


Despite a very funny opener, this episode was not my favorite.  It was a bit heavy for the second episode of the season, but that’s not really my issue.  We focused on Hannah and Jessa this time, and they are my least favorite half of the foursome.  However, Hannah was pretty on point… her dad, though… eesh.

We suffered from a lack of Shoshanna and Marnie– I’m sure next week will be Shosh-centric seeing as the episode is called “Japan,” but I miss her always.  I feel like Marnie follow-up is really wanted at this point, seeing as that disaster of a wedding went through.  We’ll see next week, I hope!

Hannah was hilarious throughout and her typical Hannah-first self.  Even helping her father doesn’t seem selfless, evidenced by the way she drops “my gay father” to Principal Toby and, like, everyone?  Poor, poor Fran having to watch that Elijah goodbye.  Nobody would be okay with that.

Jessa and Adam is probably the worst thing ever.  It does seem like Jessa is was making a conscious effort to not get involved with Adam.  One montage and one scene of “being together without touching” later, we know this is totally going to happen.  I did enjoy Adam’s, “you’re hiding behind your accent,” and I actually enjoy Adam way more when he’s not with Hannah.  Weird.


Top Chef: Wok This Way

In this week’s Top Chef, just six chefs remain… Karen is not one of them, and her Chinese challenge finally came up!  Sorry, Boston.

Martin Yan of Yan Can Cook is with Padma to introduce the Quickfire: using a wok to create their versions of chop suey.  With immunity now off the table, the winner receives an advantage going into the elimination challenge.  Carl, Kwame, and Isaac are on the bottom, while Jeremy, Marjorie, and Amar are on the top.  Marjorie wins with her Lobster Chop Suey with Ginger, Thai Chili, Orange & Fresh Vegetables Over Rice!

For the elimination challenge, each chef has to create a dish to embody a concept for a fast-casual restaurant.  Each chef is given a sous chef to help them accomplish this task.  As the winner of the Quickfire, Marjorie not only gets to choose her sous chef first, but also gets to assign everyone else’s.

Marjorie selects Angelina for herself.  She gives Jeremy Jason to work with, pairs Carl with Chad, Amar with Karen, Isaac with Wesley, and leaves Phillip for Kwame.

Here are the concepts and the representative dishes:


Marjorie and Carl, my two favorites in the competition, are the best two of the night!  I’m happy to see Carl claim the win – let’s go, Cambridge!

Jeremy and Kwame find themselves in the bottom.  It’s hard to see two such strong chefs up for elimination.  Kwame made the fatal mistake of using frozen waffles for his chicken and waffle concept, and for that is asked to pack his knives.

This was as hard of an elimination as last week.  As we get closer and closer to the finale, who do you think we’ll see there?!

Fitness Friday: 3 Miles


It’s not the greatest photo, and it wasn’t the greatest week of fitness either– I had a lot of plans this week!  I only made it to two Body Pump classes (Saturday and Monday) and skipped Wednesday so I could have the opportunity to run.

The most I’d ever run in my life is 2 miles; 3 miles is a whole new milestone for me.  Next time, I’ll have to add on that .1 to make it a 5K.  Also, can you check out my pace, please?  For a girl who “can’t run,” I think this is pretty good!  This is certainly a lot faster than I’ve run in the past… notice you’ve never seen a time from me before.

I’m proud, and I can’t wait to do more next week!  How’d you all do heading into the weekend?

Walking Wednesday: The Next World


Better late than never?  Sorry to post this so late in the day, guys; it’s been a busy week and today I’m playing a little bit of catch up!  So, having just watched “The Next World,” here are my thoughts:

Rick and Daryl‘s little adventure was so much fun.  Y’all know I don’t love anyone on this show as much as I love Daryl, so to have him in the action with Rick was nice.  I don’t know what to make of Paul/Jesus.  He seems likable enough, then immediately is AWFUL and like Daryl said, why would you trust someone who calls himself Jesus?

This episode lacked any Glenn/Maggie moments.

Carl needs a cooler eye patch.  I don’t what to make of him or Enid at all.  The whole zombie Deanna thing was weird, and telling Michonne he’d stab her in the brain because he loves her was weirder.  Enid, I’ve never understood.  We’ll hear more from her soon, I guess.

RICK AND MICHONNE, YOU GUYS.  Does anyone else love this as much as I do?!

Girls: Wedding Day


Girls is back!  My Sunday night felt a little less awful with a new episode of Girls to cap off the weekend.  But ew, it’s Marnie’s wedding day.

Marnie is, as usual, the worst.  And guys, I’m Marnie’s biggest and probably only fan, and even I thought she was horrible.  The whole aesthetic of her wedding is weird, first of all.  I hate the dress and the whole persona she was trying to embody.  The bridesmaids dresses were a very trendy color but it sure did look low budget and sad.

Shosh was adorable as always.  I’m not sure if I’m digging the blonde on her, but I (obviously) love what her time in Japan has done to her.  I’m very interested in her relationship dynamic, honestly.

Hannah seems happy with Fran and that’s nice.  Jessa and Adam’s kiss was so wrong in every way.  Will this break Hannah’s heart?  I think yes.  Jessa did crack me up, though– “I just bathed in the stream and ran through a field to dry myself.”  Of course you did, Jessa.

The question: will Desi go through with it?  All signs are pointing to yes as we pan out on the wedding.  Am I surprised that this is his 8th engagement?  No, no I can’t say I am.  I really don’t think that Marnie knows Desi at all.  Hannah tried to do the right thing and tell her this, but ended up doing a different right thing and reassuring her friend when she needed it most.  I’m sure this will come back to bite her, though.

Ugh, I’m so happy this show is back in my life and I liked that season opener!  Thoughts?!

Top Chef: Time Travel

The remaining judges arrive in Oakland, CA and find MC Hammer guest judging their Quickfire!  The Quickfire is actually hilarious– they need to select a rapper name and create a dish that embodies their chosen moniker.

Karen goes for the Pink Dragon and makes a hot & sour soup.  Carl calls himself Dr. Funky Fresh and makes a beef tartar with fish sauce.  Amar selects Santana Lovah as his rapper name and makes a soy-glazed chilean sea bass.  Marjorie goes by Miss Punch-A-Lot and makes a fried chicken sandwich.  Isaac calls himself Toups Legit and makes scallops & grits.  Jeremy goes by Spicy J-Rock 305 and makes a spicy broth with crab, squash, and halibut.  Kwame, who calls himself Bay-lish, also makes a seafood broth with crab.  There is also a fair amount of embarrassing rapping…


The least favorites were Amar, Marjorie, and Kwame.  Hammer’s favorites were Carl, Isaac, and Karen.  Isaac claims the win, though!

Pleased with the throwback, Padma announces that they’re taking it back even further.  Jonathan Waxman comes out with a little globe to help her out.  For the elimination challenge, they must pick a different time/place from the globe and create a dish from that era.

  • Isaac picks the Viking age
  • Carl chooses ancient Greece
  • Amar selects Paris during the belle-époque
  • Marjorie snags Indus Valley / Ancient India
  • Kwame scoops up Han Dynasty Beijing
  • Jeremy goes for San Francisco Gold Rush
  • Karen gets the Empire of Japan

They have to walk the line between historical influence and originality.  Here’s what they cook and serve for a Michelin-star-studded table:

IMG_1120Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 2.52.53 PM

Tom is proud all-around.  Despite any historical inaccuracies, everything tasted good!

Kwame, Amar, and Carl had the judges favorite dishes of the evening!  Kwame’s restraint on his plate won Jonathan Waxman over.  Gail praises Amar’s technique.  Carl simplicity and inventiveness impresses Tom.  Amar wins the elimination challenge!

Jeremy, Marjorie, and Karen find themselves facing the judges for elimination.  Karen’s Chinese influence dulled the Japanese dish she was supposed to be making.  Marjorie’s paratha did not impress Padma.  Jeremy’s chowder was too fussy, less developed.

Sadly, Karen goes home!  I hate to see Boston go home, and I’m dying to go to Myers & Chang.  There’s always LCK!  What did you guys think?!


Fitness Friday (2.19.16)


the gang from Saturday!

Last week I went pretty hard.  Since this post is a Friday thing, we’ll start with the previous Friday’s work– as promised, I got myself to RPM even though I was in full-blown panic mode.  I must admit, 45 minutes on the bike calmed me down a bit.

Saturday was insanity.  It started out with my normal Body Pump class followed by several more hours at the gym for 25 minutes of spinning, 25 minutes of rowing, and 25 minutes of strength training.  See weekend vlog for details.

Sunday and Monday I took easy.

Tuesday I did CX Work, a 30-minute core class.

Wednesday was back to Body Pump.  My regular instructed is away for work and it was a challenge with someone else at the helm for 55 minutes.  It’s not that the sub was bad, she just didn’t motivate me the way my regular instructor does.  Bestie/Fitness-Inspiration says you make your own workout; girl tells the truth.

Thursday, I was left to my own devices for the first time in weeks. And I decided to go to the gym? I ran 2 miles! How long has it been since I last ran?! I’m proud of me.

So, actually another good week?  Feeling fit heading into the weekend– how about you guys?!

Walking Wednesday: No Way Out

Welcome to Walking (Dead) Wednesday, kids!  I haven’t blogged Walking Dead regularly in the past, but I liked the alliterative quality and, let’s be real, I need to get myself back on a schedule.  I’m working on it.  And my weekend vlog is up, by the way.  It’ll be here tomorrow, but you should go subscribe so you don’t miss anything.

ANYWAY- Midseason premiere, eh?  I must be honest, I had a really hard time getting into this episode.


What I Cared About:

Daryl who started the episode literally with a bang with that rocket launcher, and saved the whole freaking day (and, dare I say, episode!) with it again by the end.  I was so eager to see him reunited with the group.  I hated the initial interaction with Negan’s motorcycle gang, so the rocket launcher is only fair to make that worth it.  Sasha and Abraham were total badasses with the machine guns too, and I feel like they sufficiently saved the day.

Glenn and Maggie were also at the top of my mind and I was SO MAD that I had to wait until the very end to see Maggie again.  After things were touch and go with Glenn in the beginning of the season, I might never recover from one of my favorite characters almost biting the dust.  When Maggie yelled for Glenn, so did I.  Enid also sucked less thanks to Glenn.

Surprisingly, Carl losing an eye did not phase me.  I think he’ll be badass with an eyepatch.  This brings me to…

What I Didn’t Care About:

The Andersons were an absolute waste of my time.  Sam bothered me from the get-go and I know people are bothered to see a child eaten by zombies, but you guys– he was such a bad character.  Jessie may have brought a ray of hope into Rick’s dim heart but she wasn’t so great either, and just like that, she was gone.  Also, Michonne running her sword through Ron should be in the above section ’cause I freaking love her.

Does anyone else think The Alexandrians v. All the Walkers was ridiculous?  Rick rages blackouts and fights and everyone decides it’s a good idea to join him?  I get it shows that they can work together, but there were so. many. walkers.  And literally no one died?  Except the Wolf who I didn’t care about at all.

What Surprised Me:

I’ve hated Gabriel since we met him– I have never trusted him.  This episode was a major turning point for him, though, and I think I can maybe trust him now.

What did you guys think?!