Weekend vlog #27 for my 27th birthday:

Did you guys take advantage of this killer Victoria’s Secret deal.  It’s going on until tomorrow!  Buy a sports bra, get yoga pants for free!

Also, my birthday present pearl bracelet is from Kiel James Patrick – go check it out!

And yes, I’m on an anime kick!  Any suggestion like Yamada-Kun and the 7 Witches would be much appreciated, plus– where can I watch more Pretty Cure?!

One comment

  1. Happy (belated!) birthday! Yeah, I had to work Monday as well, boo. I’m pretty obsessed with activewear lately as well…like, I went to Dick’s and ACCIDENTALLY spent $500 and I was like oh God what have I done but you know what, nope, that was a couple months ago and I have 0 regrets, because I no longer look like a potato when I work out haha. Honestly some stuff is so cute I like it better than most of my regular clothes! Part of me wants to tip the scales in my wardrobe so that it’s like 40% clothes, 60% cute workout stuff, hmmmm…

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