MasterChef Junior: Ramsayville


Last week’s MasterChef Junior featured the top 6 home cooks preparing food for a Micheline star-studded group of guests.  The teams were catering a Gordon Ramsay party at his house!  We got to see beautiful views, his adorable dog, and a lot of normal Gordon Ramsay life activities, like the above.

Addison and Amaya, as the top two from the previous weeks, were team captains.  Amaya calls the coin toss and gets to add to her red team first– she chooses Zac and Avery.  Addison snags Kya and JJ for her blue team.

Both teams have trouble.  Amaya’s lack of leadership experience shows and Zac really ends up taking the lead on the team.  Amaya burns cabbage, has trouble with the venison temperatures, and both Gordon and Christina have to ask her if she’s okay.  It’s not pretty.  Likewise, the blue team is frazzled.  Kya burns some things too.  Worse, they are actually a portion short on their appetizers and Gordon takes that plate so not to embarrass himself in front of his guests.  The main course doesn’t go much better, as JJ spills a boiling pan of venison (straight out of the oven) directly on to Gordon Ramsay’s foot.  Maybe Gordon deserves that big ‘ol mansion to put up with these shenanigans.  He is actually a super great sport about it, running around in one shoe to help the kids finish and telling JJ it’s okay, but to get two more portions of venison going… which JJ promptly forgets.  Addison rallies her team which does finish strong.  It’s not enough, though.

Back in the MasterChef kitchen, the red team is declared the winner and Amaya, Zac, and Avery are saved from elimination.  As for the blue team, Gordon, Graham, and Christina have one person to save.  They choose Addison and break my heart by sending Kya home.  JJ is out too, but Kya hit me hart.  She was so cute about it, though, saying she can’t imagine what she’ll be doing at 18!  Truth, girl; you are so talented!

I honestly thought Kya was going all the way, guys!  My support is going to Avery now!  Who are you cheering on?!

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