Top Chef: Banannaise

The chefs find themselves in beautiful, oceanside San Diego!  They meet Baja chef Javier Plascencia who, along with Padma, introduces the Quickfire Challenge: the fish taco.  It sounds great until Padma lets them know this is another  Sudden Deal Quickfire– 20 minutes and a lost lobster later, tacos have been achieved.

Karen, Chad, and Kwame find themselves in the top of the Quickfire.  Chad wins immunity for himself in his hometown!

Angelina forgot to plate on the plate.  That’s a first, I believe.  This makes her automatically up for elimination.  She chooses Wesley to face off against and fight for her spot in the competition.  “All hail, Caesar,” says Padma.  The Sudden Death challenge it to create a dish with only the ingredients Javier puts in his Caesar salad.  Wesley comes up with an egg dish, and Angelina makes a crostini dish.  Wesley wins, and Padma asks Angelina to please pack her knives.

To bring up the mood a little, Tom, Emeril, and Blaise walk on over with some beer.  Everyone takes a drink and Padma introduces the elimination challenge.  Each chef must create a dish that pairs with the beer in their hand.

Each of these beers is a collaboration with Stone Brewing Company and one of the judges:

  • Chad & Amar have the yellow label, Padma’s golden ale with jalapeño, ginger, and tamarind
  • Wesley, Karen, and Jeremy have red label, Richard’s stout with beets,  ras el honout spice blend, and chocolate
  • Marjorie, Carl, and Phillip have the green label, Emeril’s beer with coffee, cayanne, and tangerine
  • Kwame, Jason, and Isaac have blue label is Tom’s wheat beer with lemon, coriander, and banana

Emeril pays the chefs a visit later, wine literally lining his pockets.  I love Emeril so much.

The next day, the chefs cook at Richard’s restaurant: Junipter & Ivy.

Here’s what they make:

Amar, Karen, and Kwame made the judges’ favorite dishes.  Karen takes the win!  ‘Atta girl, Boston!

Jason, Isaac, and Wesley serves the judges’ least favorite dishes.  Wesley is eliminated, and will again face Angelina in Last Chance Kitchen.



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