MasterChef Junior: The Buddy System

I promised a second post for the second MasterChef Junior episode that aired last week, and here it is!  It’s just in time for tomorrow night’s new episode.

The top 8 came into the MasterChef kitchen to face a Mystery Box.  The theme of the day is besties, and Christina brings her bestie, her mom, in to introduce the Mystery Box.  When the kids pull up the box they see the ingredients Christina ate as a child, including chicken, broccoli, chocolate, strawberries, and “crispy rice cereal” of both the cocoa and fruity varieties.  The cooks get to Skype their besties of provided Surface tablets for inspiration, and then they cook!

The top three are Addison, for her strawberry tart, Zac, for his chicken dish, and Sam’s ugly-but-tasty chocolate mousse.


Zac wins, and thus gets a big advantage moving into the elimination challenge.  It’s the dreaded Tag Team Challenge and Zac gets to pair everyone up.

He chooses Kya for himself, then pairs Sam and Kamilly– a quiet duo when communication is key.  He also pairs Avery with JJ and Amaya with Addison.

The challenge is a platter of street food from around the world– 5 things including arancini, spring rolls, samosas, lamb kafka, and bao.  This would certainly be a challenge just to get this all together, let alone trust a partner to do half the work!  Gordon expects they get at least 3 of these on the plate.

Amaya and Addison seem to have the hardest time off the bat.  They can both be “bossy,” as Amaya says, and the communication is rough at first.  At one point, Amaya breaks down crying.  The pressure is on, but the pair really finishes strong!  They get everyone on there save for the spring rolls and Gordon is impressed.  “Amaddison,” as JJ nicknames them, gets called out as the best result!

Zac and Kya, the team that seemed the front runner, had the opposite problem.  They seemed to run smoothly throughout, but when it came to assembly, a lot of things were missing.  The components they did get on the platter had problems.

JJ and Avery had some issues with order of operations, so to speak.  They recover, though, and their meat is well cooked so they too impress.

Sam and Kamilly did have the communication issues Zac predicted.  They do not work as a team and instead prepare things as individuals.  These leaves them with a very incomplete platter with various problems.  It also, sadly, gets them eliminated.

It was between Zac & Kya and Sam & Kamilly, so I think the right choice was made.  I’m convinced Kya is going to the finale and can take this competition home!  As for Boston Sam, he can come cook in my Boston kitchen anytime!

Who do you guys see as taking the title?!

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