MasterChef Junior: Taste it, Make it

Last week’s MasterChef Junior featured a classic Gordon Ramsay challenge– taste it, make it– with a twist!  First off, the kids were blindfolded so they couldn’t use their sight to gather any details about the dish they were to consumer.  Secondly, I don’t think we’ve ever seen our junior take on this challenge!  I was especially surprised by the results.


We’re seen adults get the protein wrong with use of their eyes, so these kids seriously impressed me along with our judges– Gordon, Graham, and Christina.  The top tier was Kaitlyn, Kya, Ian, and Corey.  Kaitlyn and Kya win and end up team captains for the upcoming elimination challenge.

Kya, as the overall winner gets the choice of first pick of teammate, or pick of ingredient box: New England v. New Mexico.  Kya picks her ingredients and chooses New England– great choice, Kya!  Kaitlyn’s Blue Team includes great first pick Addison, Zac, Kamilly, JJ, and Amaya.  Kya’s Red Team is Avery, New Englander Sam, Corey, Jesse, and Ian.

In 90 minutes, the teams of young home cooks must prepare 31 dishes for VIP grandmas!  Red’s clam bake faces Blue’s pork loin and the grandmas vote to see which team goes straight through to the top 10… Blue!

While the Red Team faces some eliminations, Gordon says that two teammates did not deserve to be in the bottom– Sam and Avery.  They head up to the balcony leaving Kya, Corey, Jesse, and Ian.  Kya was team captain, so you can see why she bears responsibility, but she obviously isn’t going home.  Jesse and Ian are, and I must say, these were the right choices, as hard as it was to see Kya’s team go down.

Different episode, huh?  I can’t wait to see the kids create something of their own next time around!

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