Scream Queens Finale

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Well, I’ve sat with the Scream Queens finale for a day now, and I must say, my current feelings are the same as my initial thoughts: I hated the ending.  I want those 13 hours of my life back.

I mean, it’s kind of cool that the killer won.  I can support the bad guy winning.  What I can’t support is so blatantly having the most loved characters lose and ultimately, the story feeling so unfinished.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the real stars of this show were the Chanels.  We loved Emma Roberts, Billie Lourd, and Abigail Breslin even though we suspected that one of them might be the killer at times.

The first episode of the finale was fine.  Grace almost died so we all cheered.  We found out the truth about Pete which we probably all suspected from the beginning.  I loved Chanel’s missive.  Loose ends were being tied up, but we waited until the last second to find out who the mastermind was.  Then, the second episode started and the rage set in.

Even as Hester explained her backstory, I maintained hope for what could turn out to be amazing Chanel revenge for an ending.  She pulled a twist, but I was expecting an even bigger twist to turn the story around.

Number Five’s parents disowning her felt unnecessarily harsh, but it really fell apart with the undeserved guilty verdict at the trial.  Grace and Zayday are apparently too stupid to see they’ve been tricked… only Dean Munsch gets it, but she’s a killer too.  The only saving grace seemed to be that the Chanels enjoyed the psychiatric hospital life.  The ending itself was perhaps a huge cliffhanger, but honestly, we don’t care by then.

What I want to know is: what was the story Scream Queens was trying to tell us?  Was this a twisted morality tale about mean girls?  If so, then why were the Chanels the likeable characters?

Simply, I don’t get the point.  I’m never upset I watched something, but this comes close.  Could a second season even save this for me? I’m not yet convinced.

Help me out, guys, what did I just watch?

And what did you think of the Scream Queens finale?


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