Birthday & ‘Bouche

Last week’s MasterChef Junior started outside of the kitchen.  The 16 young home cooks, driven by Christina Tosi, take a tractor ride to the coolest kids’ birthday party– there are carnival games, a bounce house, and a ferris wheel ridden by Gordon Ramsay & Graham Elliot!

It’s the first team challenge, and the MasterChef Junior contestants will be providing the food.  It’s not just one birthday party– it’s 6!  Since the home cooks are ages 8 – 13, there are birthday parties for each of the ages represented.  In addition to the 48 guests, there’s one more table with Gordon’s 4 children and Graham’s 3.  The cuteness!

Addison and Nate had the best two dishes from the previous week, so they’re the team captains.  Addison had the best dish, so she picks for her Blue Team first.  Her first pick is the best decision: Kya!  She also drafts Mia, Kaitlyn, Corey, Zac, Kamily, and Tae-Ho.  Nate’s first pick for his Red Team is Derek.  If you ask me, it should’ve been Sam… who he picked second, followed by JJ, Amaya, Jesse, Avery, and Ian.

They’ll be making fish tacos, chicken wings, and a turkey burger.  The losing team faces, as Kya notes, the first ever pressure test in MasterChef Junior!

Here’s what the teams come up with:


There are hiccups on either end.  The Blue Team goes too flavor-aggressive at first, forgetting they need to adjust to kids’ palates, but from the start, Addison knew what she wanted and how to delegate.  Blue was organized where Red was not, and Blue takes the win!

To celebrate, Gordon orders the winners and the judges into the bounce house!  Christina beats some of the kids there.  Gordon & Graham’s kids join in too.

The Red Team faces the pressure test, and it’s a tall order: a croque-en-bouche!  While they’re shown one so tall that Gordon has to get a piggyback from Graham to pull a profiterole down, they only have to make a little one.  Results vary:

  • Sam’s is beautiful and perfectly filled.  Christina is pretty floored and offers him a job.
  • Nate’s is more a pile of cream puffs than a croque-en-bouche.  The caramel is burnt, pastry undercooked, and there’s not enough filling.
  • Jesse’s are well-shaped, but the caramel is too dark.
  • JJ presents his as “the leaning tower of croque-en-bouche.”  The taste is good!
  • Avery’s tower is not quite shaped right, but her tasty profiteroles save her.
  • Amaya’s is a little stout and the cream puffs needed a bit more time, but it’s tasty!
  • Ian’s is called a croque-en-mess and the shapes of the profiteroles are sufficiently mocked by Gordon.  They’re cooked right and the filling is sufficient, but Gordon straight up tells him he’s in the bottom.

Sam wins and impresses all!  ‘Atta boy, Boston!  Avery, Jesse, and JJ are declared safe.  Ian, Amaya, Nate, and Derek are left in the bottom.  Ian and Amaya stay, and Nate and Derek go.

I’m glad to see Amaya still in it, but I’m not seeing the potential in Ian… I guess we’ll see what they cook up next!  Thoughts?!

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