Neutrogena: So Sheer Skin Glows


Okay, yes, I did have a lot of trouble opening the packaging with the term “body oil,” and the fact that it was oil in general.  I’m not used to oils.  I’m not used to wanting oils on my body.  I have, however, found my new shave product and I am so happy with it!

Neutrogena’s Light Sesame Formula Body Oil has only been in my routine for a week now.  It smells like sun tan lotion, a little… not like salad dressing, as I previously hallucinated.  I do prefer to follow up a shower with lotion rather than the oil, but I anticipate using is more and more in the winter when dry skin truly plagues me.

This is a product I never would’ve purchased for myself, afraid as I am of the word “oil” in relation to my skin.  It leaves my legs silky smooth after shower shaving, though, and I completely recommend it for that purpose!

Tell me: do you guys use any oils in your beauty routines?

[Disclosure: I received this product complimentary for testing purposes c/o Neutrogena & Influenster.]

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