Scream Queens: Ghost Stories


I think I wore this exact dress in the finale/prom scene in “Footloose” in high school.

There are only three episodes of Scream Queens left, and no word of a second season.  I’m still really enjoying this show, its cast, and the faux fur!  This episode did wonders for the plot, so let’s talk about it!

  • Denise has fully transformed into fabulous.  I love her new wardrobe and her new-found respect in her role as house mother.
  • Lea Michele, in her assumed finale episode, was excellent.  I loved watching her repeat Candyman candyman candyman as Denise told her first ghost story.
  • Speaking of Denise’s stories, I’m pretty acquainted with Japanese Kappas, but I always thought they were sea monsters, not “ghosts.”  Clearly a loose term.  Also, the toilet paper story and when she lives it she’s just like, “which do I choose?”  Hilarious!
  • Also, love that we finally addressed that her spinal column needed that brace, so she “bedazzled it to go with her designer wardrobe.”
  • Chanel pushing Hester down the stairs was almost shocking, but then you have to remember that she actually already killed Ms. Bean.
  • Is it just me, or do you want that silver wishbone necklace?  Someone find me one and leave me a link in the comments!
  • The big reveal (that some of us probably realized last week) is that the baby in the bathtub was actually two babies.  I didn’t even consider twins, but I guess if we’re highlighting tropes, this is perfect.
  • I was right about Boone being the baby.  I was right about the baby being the killer.  I’m actually good at this!
  • Boone dies a second time.  This time at his sister’s hand… as she wears a devil costume.  The sister’s a complete mystery to me right now… any ideas?!

Give me your theories, people!

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