Scream Queens: RIP Candle Vlogger

The Kappas have lost their final weirdo– Deaf Taylor Swift, Sam, and Jennifer the Candle Vlogger have all been killed by the Red Devils.  What else have we learned this week?


  • Grace is generally awful as usual.  For the second time this season she’s demanded her dad stay away from her because he’s creepy.  Dean Munsch is right– this is actually all about her.  She thought she was that baby.  She wasn’t.  Her mom was the Waterfalls girl and her dad was just a douchey frat guy who lied to her her whole life and committed arson for her.  Yikes!
  • As for Grace’s mom, the truth is spilled by Chanel after a visit from Scotland Yard.  Do we think Chanel is too harsh here?  No.  I think Grace, as much as a stupid rich Chanel, needs some knocking back down to earth.  Grace clearly needed to know the truth.
  • There are officially THREE Red Devils (well, two and one Antonin Scalia) and we know the identities of two of them: Scalia was Gigi and one devil is Boone.  How did Boone get involved?  I have a theory.
  • After a visit to the mental institution’s “I paint them all” lady, Grace and Pete confirm Gigi is the hag– but wait, two babies?!  A boy and a girl?  Could the girl be the bathtub baby and the boy be Boone?
  • Also, Jamie Lee Curtis had another fabulous episode– her character remains the only one to know the tropes– “I’ve seen this movie.  50 times!”  Also, her comments to the fake Scalia cracked me up!

This was such a good episode that finally made me feel a little oriented in this mystery.  I can’t wait for more– I saw Lea Michele back in that neck brace in a preview!


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