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  1. Yaaaaaaasssss precious omg. This is a nicely timed post. Last night I went to the mall after work (TO BUY SOME ALEX & ANI!), and the store they sell it in happens to be right next to Bath & Body Works–which JUST re-opened yesterday with a White Barn store attached to it–so they’ve got a BUTT TON of candles. My internal dialogue was like, “don’t go in there…don’t do it…well I could just go LOOK, I mean…oh wow they have ALL the candles…aw man they’re doin’ 2 for $24” so obviously I walked out with 4.

    My fall haul a few months ago was Sweater Weather (it smells like an attractive guy, loved that one!), Leaves (my first time getting this one, weirdly, which I really loved), and Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin. Yesterday I walked away with Fresh Balsam, Evergreen (those will be my day-after-Thanksgiving through New Year’s scents); and then for winter I got Winter (which is hands down by far my perennial fave, I can’t get enough of that one during Jan/Feb), and then Winter Sun, which I’m still trying to determine how I feel about it. The White Barn store is really lovely, too, they put each one of the candles in these really nice boxes…I’m in trouble now that they’ve opened that, haha. But I try not to feel a lot of candle guilt because I feel like living in an apartment, they’re almost a necessity to ward off the occasional weird smell wafting in…my neighbors cook some gross-smelling stuff sometimes!

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