Month: November 2015

MasterChef Junior: 7 Layer Dip

Last week, Ian, Avery, and Kya’s previous top notch dishes landed them stints as team captains for a fun, obviously guacamole-sponsored, relay race!

Ian’s team includes Jesse, Amaya, JJ, Zac, and Mia.  Avery is backed by Adam, Jaeclyn, Derek, Kaitlyn, and Tae-Ho.  Kya’s team is Addison, Sam, Kammily, Corey, and Nate.  Because this is MasterChef Junior, the winning team (aka the team who assembles all 7 layers the fastest) gets to dunk their judge’s face right into their completed dip.  Ian and crew is playing to dunk Christina, Avery and company for Graham, and Kya’s team is in it for Gordon.

Ian’s team wins a major advantage, the opportunity to sit the elimination out, and of course, Christina’s fate– “Nothing in life prepares you for this,” she states right before Ian pushes her face into the bowl of 7 layer dip.  Avery and Kya follow suit dunking Graham and Gordon respectively proving that Gordon will let these kids punish him every single time.  What a guy!

Ian’s team heads into the pantry to take control of the elimination challenge.  The choices are “spicy” ingredients, as presented by Christina whose family tells her she can sometimes be just that, “stinky” ingredients, as presented by Graham who gets that way after a gym sessions, and “wrinkly” ingredients, as presented by Gordon who literally could not make me smile more.

The challenge to the 12 kids in the kitchen is “stinky” ingredients.  Here’s what they make:


L to R, T to B: Addison, Derek, Kya, Avery, Jaeclyn, Corey, Nate, Adam.

The standouts include Addison, who makes a dish I have never heard of with flavors that make the judges nervous, but deliver!  Also up there is Nate, who’s become hilariously confident.  Nate is called out for his accomplishment, but Addison wins!

Corey, Jaeclyn, and Adam find themselves in the bottom.  Corey is released back to the kitchen and Jaeclyn and Adam are sent home.  Adam didn’t let his pasta rest and cooked food in truffle oil… which even I know is wrong.  Jaeclyn just didn’t seem to be on the same level as some of these kids– her palate was not as adventurous and expansive and ultimately, she suffered for that.

Something tells me we’ve still not seen what some of these kids can really do!  Addison and Kya are standing out, we’ve seen Avery and Nate deliver knock-outs, and I’m still seeing so much potential in my hometown hero, Sam!  I’ve also got an eye on Amaya.  We’ve not gotten to see much of her food yet, but she is too cute.


Scream Queens: Thanksgiving


I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was happier than this one!  Sorry for the lateness of this post, but I was busy enjoying my Thanksgiving!  Better late than never, right?  Anyway, I kind of loved the Scream Queens Thanksgiving.  Here are the things I’d like to say about it:

  • I loved seeing Chanel no. 3’s Thanksgiving, as horribly, horribly sad as it was.  These people are rich but they eat their own gross frozen dinners for T-gives?  No thanks.  The best was her low-blow about Italian-style chicken cacciatore.
  • No. 3’s candor about not eating + the jokes about how great the KKT kitchen is while being completely unused = perfection.
  • The Radwell Thanksgiving gave Chanel the chance to be a decent person.  That was nice.  I even felt bad for her at times during this dinner.  I was a bit disappointed when she was happy to see Chad back at Kappa Thanksgiving, though.  Oh well.  He’s a fun character.  It’s nice to know that Hester isn’t dead too, I guess.
  • One criticism: this episode suffered from a severe lack of Denise Hemphill.
  • Hearing everybody’s theories on who the red devil killer/twin to Boone is was so interesting!  Plus we learned a lot!  (We’ll be getting into my theories below!)
  • Grace’s father continues to be an AWFUL person, suspecting his own daughter murdered a bunch of people.  The Grace flashback to the first red devil attack was interesting, though!   Watching no. 2 and no. 3 toss her out of there then celebrate it in the present was also hilarious.
  • Grace and her father (especially with this episode’s revelation that the red devil twins are his children) have proven themselves integral to the story… Pete, I’m still on the fence about.  He only pops in when it’s convenient.  We know killer #2 is a girl, though, so basically he’s just a bad character.
  • We’ve learned enough about backstories in the episode to make Chanel no. 2 seem very suspicious to me.  Aside from Zayday, who is obviously not the sister of Boone, everyone had an obvious reason to pop up at Kappa Thanksgiving except no. 2.  She’s also the one who brings out the head of Gigi on a silver platter.  (I guess the red devil girl killed her whole fam.)  I’m officially very suspicious.

What are you guys thinking?!


for pokémon!  Here’s a third video this week, because isn’t this holiday all about abundance?

But mostly, I’m so thankful for all of you!  There are near 300 of you who read this blog and 30 subscribers to my baby Youtube channel.  I know that makes me small potatoes, but guys, I am so thankful for each and every one of you who take the time out of your day to read things I think and watch things I do.

Seriously, thank you!

If you’re new here, you can:

Happy, happy Thanksgiving!


Neutrogena: So Sheer Skin Glows


Okay, yes, I did have a lot of trouble opening the packaging with the term “body oil,” and the fact that it was oil in general.  I’m not used to oils.  I’m not used to wanting oils on my body.  I have, however, found my new shave product and I am so happy with it!

Neutrogena’s Light Sesame Formula Body Oil has only been in my routine for a week now.  It smells like sun tan lotion, a little… not like salad dressing, as I previously hallucinated.  I do prefer to follow up a shower with lotion rather than the oil, but I anticipate using is more and more in the winter when dry skin truly plagues me.

This is a product I never would’ve purchased for myself, afraid as I am of the word “oil” in relation to my skin.  It leaves my legs silky smooth after shower shaving, though, and I completely recommend it for that purpose!

Tell me: do you guys use any oils in your beauty routines?

[Disclosure: I received this product complimentary for testing purposes c/o Neutrogena & Influenster.]

MasterChef Junior: The Moon & The Sea

This title is not only relevant to the episode, but also my main interests in life… on to MasterChef Junior!

The Mystery Box comes with one big mystery box containing the judges in space suits.  Astronaut Tracy Dyson guests and impresses the heck out of both the children and me.  Since, as Tracy says, real astronauts know that the moon is made of cheese, the kids pull open their Mystery Boxes to see a bunch of different cheeses.  Their task is to make an out of this world cheese dish.  (Thank you, MCJ; so much better than marshmallows!)


Addison, Kaitlyn, and JJ have the top dishes.

Kaitlyn wins!  Before her advantages are announced, the judges take it back to earth for the elimination test– they wheel out a bunch of fish.  To tie to moon to the sea, Graham shows the kids how to filet a fish using the GIANT moon fish.

Kaitlyn doesn’t have to cook and also gets to pick a peer to go through to the next round with her.  She chooses Addison.  Kaitlyn also gets to act as fish monger, tossing the chosen fishes to the kids about to cook.


L to R, T to B: Avery, Jaeclyn, Derek, Vivian, Kya, Kyndall, Nate, Ian

Avery is so spunky.  Her decision making process for this dish seemed to be “my daddy likes it,” and that was just too cute.  Jaecelyn didn’t taste her fish because she doesn’t like it.  Derek is praised for having the best palate in the MCJ kitchen.  Vivian’s sauce doesn’t go with fish.  Kya is the cutest thing and my current favorite.  Kyndall’s veggies are uncooked.  Nate impresses with Asian flavors despite the fact that he’s “not really Asian.”  Too cute.  Ian’s dish goes well despite not needing the potatoes, but MAN this kid makes me nervous in the kitchen.  I’m not sure about his skills.

Nate is the winner!

Jaeclyn, Vivian, and Kyndall are called out for bottom dishes.  Jaeclyn is sent back to cook another day.  Vivian and Kyndall go home.

We’ve still got 18 kids in the kitchen and some still have a way to go to distinguish themselves.  Anyone sticking out in the pack to you?  I’m loving Kya and Sam!

Seasonal Sparkle

Happy Friday, my loves!  I don’t know about you, but I’ve had just about the roughest week imaginable.  To combat that, I like to treat myself!

I love a good statement necklace, especially during the fall and winter when we’re so buttoned up!  Recently, I’ve added this baby from Mirina Collections to my rotation.


We all could use that extra spark of something in these post-daylight savings months.  These elaborate beauties would make great gifts with the holidays approaching, or a great contribution to a holiday outfit!  You can snag anything on the site for 20% off using the code “nikki” so shop around and let me know what you pick!

Have a great weekend!

Scream Queens: Ghost Stories


I think I wore this exact dress in the finale/prom scene in “Footloose” in high school.

There are only three episodes of Scream Queens left, and no word of a second season.  I’m still really enjoying this show, its cast, and the faux fur!  This episode did wonders for the plot, so let’s talk about it!

  • Denise has fully transformed into fabulous.  I love her new wardrobe and her new-found respect in her role as house mother.
  • Lea Michele, in her assumed finale episode, was excellent.  I loved watching her repeat Candyman candyman candyman as Denise told her first ghost story.
  • Speaking of Denise’s stories, I’m pretty acquainted with Japanese Kappas, but I always thought they were sea monsters, not “ghosts.”  Clearly a loose term.  Also, the toilet paper story and when she lives it she’s just like, “which do I choose?”  Hilarious!
  • Also, love that we finally addressed that her spinal column needed that brace, so she “bedazzled it to go with her designer wardrobe.”
  • Chanel pushing Hester down the stairs was almost shocking, but then you have to remember that she actually already killed Ms. Bean.
  • Is it just me, or do you want that silver wishbone necklace?  Someone find me one and leave me a link in the comments!
  • The big reveal (that some of us probably realized last week) is that the baby in the bathtub was actually two babies.  I didn’t even consider twins, but I guess if we’re highlighting tropes, this is perfect.
  • I was right about Boone being the baby.  I was right about the baby being the killer.  I’m actually good at this!
  • Boone dies a second time.  This time at his sister’s hand… as she wears a devil costume.  The sister’s a complete mystery to me right now… any ideas?!

Give me your theories, people!