Rulers of the Woods

Since there was no new Scream Queens this week, I have a chance to share with you my absolute favorite Alex & Ani collection yet.

Unless you’re super new here, you know that I am Alex & Ani’s biggest fan.  And the collection has grown since then!  One of the new collections for fall is this, Rulers of the Woods.  As an earth sign (Capricorn!), I love the look of this collection.  I also love the symbolism.  Each tree is associated with a different time of the year.  My birthday falls in Birch, the tree that holds the energy of a new day.

My favorites are below:

To see which ones I added to my charmed arms, check out my October Favorites video on Youtube, and be sure to subscribe for more fun!

Be sure to check out the whole collection on Alex & Ani’s website and see which one corresponds to your birthday!  Let me know which tree you are and which bangle is your favorite!  They also come in necklaces and I may or may not have worn my for the last three days…

Have a happy Halloweekend and enjoy that extra hour of sleep!


  1. Well I’m not an earth sign technically, but, my Venus is earth (also Cap!) and Venus is definitely jewelry…I love the vibe of the Rulers of the Woods collection! I love nature-inspired things. I’m definitely tempted to buy a bangle (I’d be Ash!) or necklace…I LOVE jewelry but I’m so, so bad at bothering to wear it! I see their website says you can adjust the size of the bangles, and size is a huge issue I have with things (I have freakishly small wrists), I might go for it! Ooo and they have a Celestial Wheel collection that is also up my alley…

    LOOOOVEEE that Rayquazza shirt too, I had been looking over the Pokemon Center website and I was thinking of buying it! This is clearly a sign I should get it. Man it looks like I have some internet shopping to do haha THANKS 🙂 🙂

    1. I have tiny wrists too, but Alex & Ani bangles are the best! If you push gently from both sides, you can make them smaller. I usually wear them as is, because I wear a bunch at once. The Celestial Wheel collection is awesome too; I’ll be getting my Capricorn in necklace and bangle 🙂

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