Weekend Vlog #15!

Is this a milestone?  Maybe a mini milestone.  Please subscribe to see all the videos I filmed during this weekend vlog!

As you can see from this video, I made it to spin class both Tuesday and Friday last week!  Have I retired from running for the season?  Ugh, I hope not.  As we slide into less daylight and warmth, everything seems to get harder.

How’s everyone else holding up?


  1. Yeah, my exercise routine is a 2 mile walk (briskly!) outdoors in the evening–but with turning the clocks back this weekend, the sun will set right around the time I get home from work, so it looks like this will be my last week, and then I’m done for the season. Normally I just sloth it up during the winter, but my plan this year is to substitute the walking with yoga! I downloaded a yoga app that I miiiiiiiiiiiiight be in love with, so hopefully the increasing darkness and cold wont stop me from doing some yoga on my living room floor!

      1. It’s called “Yoga Studio,” they’ve got a website about it as well, yogastudioapp.com. It IS a paid app–I got it for free because I happened upon it on National Yoga Day or something (I was totally fated to find this app)–BUT, after using it, I can say with total certainty that I would pay for it in a heartbeat, I think it’s that good. (And I’m super stingy and rarely purchase apps!) I had been looking for a yoga app for a while but never saw anything I liked; but this one is so clean and customizable and basically I just love it!

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