Face Off: Movie Magic

I’m not going to lie, you guys.  I like the challenges in reality TV, but I’m never truly interested enough to see who wins.  This is my struggling with blogging shows like Face Off.  I want to report who wins, but the finale challenges are so drawn out and, well, there’s nothing after it!

Regardless, let’s talk about Movie Magic part 1.  I can’t quite recall if I’ve ever seen a Face Off finale (see above) despite loving this show.  The final three– Nora, Ben, and Evan– are two make two movie characters, see them on film and adjust accordingly.  Patrick Tatopoulos has written little scripts and provided the frame work.  Former contestants will help them with these make-ups.

  • Nora’s film is called “The Prey” and she has the dream team of Jasmine and Meg to help her.
  • Ben has “Resurrection” and Jordan and Scott to help him out.
  • Evan get “Quarantine Zone” and has the aid of Kevon and Stevie.

Here’s what they come up with:


Nora’s predator (top left) and prey (bottom left); Ben’s alien priest (top center) and resurrected character (bottom center); Evan’s newly infection (top right) and severely infected (bottom right)

We see them on film somewhat, but I can’t wait to see them tweaked and come to life next week.  Who’s on the right track?  Who’s going to win?  I’m going Nora!

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