Face Off: Death Becomes Them

Face Off this week was maybe my favorite episode of the season, but definitely my favorite episode in a long time… so let’s jump on in!

McKenzie meets the artists at a backlot this week to a house ruined recently utilized by Desperate Housewives but made famous for being 1313 Mockingbird Lane, aka the home of the Munsters!  This week’s challenge was to create a quirky and macabre character inspired by the likes of the Munsters and the Addams family.

They each pick a gravestone representing the family member they are to create:

  • Nora selects the Blacksheep Cousin
  • Evan selects the Bully Older Brother
  • Ben selects the Inappropriate Uncle
  • Jordan selects the Spinster Aunt
  • Scott selects the Stern Father

Everyone did a pretty phenomenal job:


Evan’s Bully Brother is the only one I really couldn’t get behind.  I like the bull aspect and the actor played it well, but the paint job is… pug-like.

I love Scott’s Stern Dad.  He looks like Zombie Frasier Crane.

Ben’s Inappropriate Uncle has his deceased spouse in tow and has Ve sufficiently creeped out.  This is the clear winner for me.  Hilarious and successful!

I’m a fan of Nora’s Black Sheep Cousin too.  She’s the Marilyn Munster of the group, expect she looks like her sheep-demon family, but she’s totally positive and not satanic.  Hilarious!

Scott’s cartoonish Spinster Aunt is definitely interesting, but so different than the rest of the characters.  Too much for the challenge?  The judges think maybe not enough, if that’s the direction he was going.

The surprise of the episode is that two people will be eliminated and the final three will be chosen right then and there.  The first in the finale is Ben!  So happy.  Loved his make-up.  The second will be Nora!  While she was not my favorite throughout the season, she’s definitely had some stand-out make-ups and I loved her concept so much here, I think she deserved it.  The remaining three have an hour to revise their make-ups based on the judges’ critiques to fight for that final spot.  In the end, it’s Evan who’s selected.

True life: I wanted Scott based on his awesome dad make-up.  Jordan would’ve been my second choice for that third place.  Evan… just didn’t have it for me.  But let’s see what these three do next week!

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