Project Runway: Cast & Crew

Last week’s Project Runway was kind of a fun, behind-the-scenes peek at the people who make this show possible.  It was the Sally Beauty challenge, and it was also time for crew make-overs!

Tim Gunn, armed with walkie talkie, called forth several crew members and paired them with designers:

  • Camera Assistant Katie got paired with Merline
  • Sound Mixer Desiree got paired with Edmond
  • Talent Manager Ashleigh got paired with Kelly
  • Production Coordinator Jennifer got paired with Swapnil
  • Challenge Assistant Nicole got paired with Ashley
  • Model Wrangler Monique got paired with Candice

Hey, does anyone think Kelly is looking classier and classier as the show goes on?  She’s my Boston girl and I’m totally pulling for her.

Anyway, basically the designers almost all have trouble marrying their aesthetics with their clients wishes.  Because it was the beloved Project Runway crew, expectations and emotions were a lot higher.  Tim loves the crew like a family, and thus was particularly protective during his critiques.  No one has a good consultation/fitting.  In fact, Tim was pretty made at Swapnil especially, who just doesn’t use his time well or put in much effort.  Everyone started over or had major work to do after speaking with Tim.  Here are the end results:


My girl Kelly ended up taking the win home.  Merline’s look also went over well, but mostly, the looks were not well-received.  Edmond’s was lukewarm.  Candice’s was basically awful and gross.  I like that Tim said it looks like it came from H&M.  Ashley’s was also not her best look.  The peplum didn’t work and neither did the print.  Swapnil, who disagreed with his client from the beginning, was the loser of the challenge and is sent packing.

Can you blame the judges?

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