Face Off: Evolution

Bad news, guys: the xfinity app is still not updated with “Beyond the Expanse,” this week’s episode of Face Off.  My sinus headache might be back, but I’m back in the world of the living enough to actually have watched this episode in my living room.

On to the episode: McKenzie met the now top 6 artists in front of six cautionary disaster signs.

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 8.54.39 PM

It’s a Focus Challenge this week.  Creators of Syfy’s newest show, The Expanse, come to explain the concept of the show.  Humans have colonized the entire solar system and evolved to adapt to their surroundings.  I totally want to watch this now!

I’m not a make-up artist, but whenever these challenges are presented, I try to think of how I would tackle them.  This week’s straight-up freaked me out in that it seemed hard!  Luckily, the artists were inspired by the challenge and not stumped like me.  They each selected their apocalyptic event from natural disasters to nuclear fallout, and they were off!


  • Jordan’s make-up is a human who’s adapted to live during an ice age.  He finds himself in top looks this week.
  • Evan’s make-up is a human who’s adapted to survive severe drought.  He too finds himself in top looks!
  • Scott selected nuclear fallout and his make-up is safe.  McKenzie and Michael Westmore intervened in Scott’s cockroach-inspired make-up.  Making it more human as they suggested ended up helping him out!
  • Nora’s make-up is a human who’s adapted to toxic pollution.  She struggled and at one point tore her entire clay sculpt off to start over, but ended up safe.
  • Ben ended up in bottom looks for his human who’s adapted to a volcanic disaster.  The judges were pretty incredulous that she had hair still.
  • Stevie painted her aquatic human who’s adapted to polar melting wrong.  This put her in bottom looks.

Jordan takes the win!

Stevie is sent home.

I actually like Ben, so I’m glad he’s still here, but losing Meg and Stevie back to back has been ROUGH.  They’ve been my two favorites for a while.  The girls really aren’t holding their own this season.  Maybe Nora can hold it down!  Thoughts?

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