Project Runway: Make it Sell


Last week’s Project Runway was all about  The designers have been using JustFab’s accessory wall all season, but the online retailer does clothing as well.  Their partner has just become their client.

JustFab apparently has five style personas: Bombshell, Trendsetter, Girl Next Door, Modern Classic, Femme Nouveau.  Candice, as the winner of the previous challenge, gets to choose her own persona as well as assign them to the group.  For herself, Candice selects Trendsetter.  She also gives Trendsetter to Kelly.  She gives both Swapnil and Edmond Bombshell.  Ashley is assigned Girl Next Door; Laurie, Modern Classic; and Merline, Femme Nouveau.  No offense, but I feel like these personas were not really well-defined.  Thus, results vary.

They are also tasked with creating a brand and screen printing it on a tee-shirt to wear to the fashion show.  Thoughts on the looks & brands:

  • Kelly is now my favorite.  Do I think this outfit fits into a trendsetter-vibe?  Maybe not.  Do I love a good faux fur vest?  Yes.  Yes, I do.  Not particularly this one, but I can appreciate where she’s going.  She brands herself rack addik, and honestly I can’t deal with that.  Heidi seems amused that it says rack across her chest.
  • Candice’s look was a little ehh for me.  I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t like it either.  She uses her last name as her brand, Cuoco.
  • Merline’s dress is definitely unfinished, and definitely not Femme Nouveau… whatever that might mean.  Her brand is Provoke Style.
  • I love Ashley’s look.  This print is to die for and the crop top and skirt are so freaking cute.  The gold jacket is what everyone else loves and what JustFab knows they can sell, but gimme those separates any day!  She uses her name, Ashley Nell Tipton, for her brand.
  • Edmond also uses his name, and his father’s name, Edmond Newton, for his brand.  His dress is very commercial, thus winning him the challenge!
  • Laurie uses Wanda Grace as her brand: a combination of her middle name and a meaningful word.  Laurie’s look makes Heidi say that they “have to talk about the boobies again,” because the top is see-through and pretty much unwearable… this look has to be wearable.
  • Swapnil also uses his name for his brand, Swapnil Shinde.  I don’t like his dress… the print is not for me, especially in that shape and the piece of jewelry stuck to the bum?  Not a fan.  The coat…thing… I just don’t know.

Ashley and Candice are the best looks this time, along with aforementioned Edmond who won.

The rest are the bottom.  Laurie goes home for not designing to the challenge, if you ask me.  Thoughts?!

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