Scream Queens: Go, Cones!


It’s October, so I hope you’re ready for all things spooky.  I’m continuing to enjoy Scream Queens, and the murdering continued with this week’s episode, “Chainsaw.”  RIP Coney, for real.  It’s Friday, so let’s relax and keep it casual.  Here are some thoughts on this week’s episodes:

  • Grace’s hats are awful.  Grace is awful.
  • I love that we’re finally learning people’s names!  Albeit, post-mortem.
  • I managed to get completely emotionally attached to Coney before his untimely death.  That mascot kid’s monologue was genius.
  • Lea Michele is killing it.  I love her psychotic character.  I was honestly not-so-excited by her presence among this cast, as I found her so horribly annoying in Glee.  It’s so great to see her play someone so different and so weird!  I hope the neck brace stays off and she does become Chanel #6.
  • Niecy Nash continues to crack me up.
  • I found out why Chanel #3 wears earmuffs so often!  Billie Catherine Lourd is Carrie Fisher’s daughter and it’s apparently an homage to Princess Leia.  Now I love it.
  • THANK GOODNESS the faux fur continues.  Literally, Emma Roberts’ styling is fantastic.  I love the hair details too– the pearls above and the pieces from last week were so enviable.
  • Do you think my theory about Grace’s dad is debunked just because the devil did indeed cut him with said chainsaw?  Honestly, I’m not convinced it is.  Grace’s dad made a seriously creeptastic move in becoming Grace’s professor to “keep her safe.”  What even?  And he didn’t get straight up murdered; he got like gently touched by the blade.  We already know that Nick Jonas aka Boon is alive and well and in cahoots with the devil, therefore we already know it’s more than one person terrorizing KKT.  Grace’s dad is still in for me.

Scream Queens thoughts and theories?  Go!

And have wonderful weekends, loves!

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