Face Off: Freak Show

This week’s Face Off started with a fun Foundation Challenge.  The artists was into the room to find McKenzie standing with seven models with seven tribal weapons in front of them.  They are each to pick a model and design a tribal make-up based on their weapon.

The results were super cool but the clear top two for me and the judges were Meg, who basically finger-painted everything to give an authentic primitive look, and Scott, who mixed clay in with his paint to give a cracked mud effect.  Scott won, and rightly so for that idea!

For the Spotlight Challenge, the artists spin a wheel of Freak Show characters.  Nora gets Lobster Larry, Scott lands on Twisted Tom, Ben gets the Human Peacock, Stevie gets Icicle Irma, Jordan gets the Elephant Lady, Meg lands on Inside Out Oscar, and Evan is given Moon Girl.  While Freak Shows may have been exaggerated scams, the artists are to imagine fantasy versions of these characters that would really wow the audience.

Here’s what they come up with:


  • Scott’s Twisted Tom is effective and he looks like a hunchback to me… in a good way, if that makes sense.
  • Nora’s Lobster Larry is a mobster with super realistic claws.  Ve Neill cracks me up because she decides that she must go home and eat lobster claws for dinner after seeing it.
  • Ben’s avian-faced Human Peacock man blurs the line between fantasy and reality.
  • Stevie’s Icicle Irma could’ve used luminescent paint on her face, but the icicles are cool and the beauty make-up nice.
  • Ve says Jordan’s Elephant Lady will give her nightmares and Neville agrees.
  • Meg’s Inside Out Oscar comes out like Missing Skin Oscar instead.
  • Evan’s Moon Girl concept is funny— she got hit in the head by a meteor.  The execution is confusing and poorly done, though.

Nora and Ben both made characters their erred on the side of human and they were both the most successful, landing in top looks.  Ben won for complete redemption from last week!

Evan and Meg found themselves in bottom looks.  I’m sad to say, Meg was sent packing.  I loved her and am so sad to see her go.  Plus, I think Evan was less successful.  Thoughts?!

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