Month: October 2015

Rulers of the Woods

Since there was no new Scream Queens this week, I have a chance to share with you my absolute favorite Alex & Ani collection yet.

Unless you’re super new here, you know that I am Alex & Ani’s biggest fan.  And the collection has grown since then!  One of the new collections for fall is this, Rulers of the Woods.  As an earth sign (Capricorn!), I love the look of this collection.  I also love the symbolism.  Each tree is associated with a different time of the year.  My birthday falls in Birch, the tree that holds the energy of a new day.

My favorites are below:

To see which ones I added to my charmed arms, check out my October Favorites video on Youtube, and be sure to subscribe for more fun!

Be sure to check out the whole collection on Alex & Ani’s website and see which one corresponds to your birthday!  Let me know which tree you are and which bangle is your favorite!  They also come in necklaces and I may or may not have worn my for the last three days…

Have a happy Halloweekend and enjoy that extra hour of sleep!

Face Off Season 9 Finale

We’re going to talk about this briefly, because y’all know my feelings on finales.

In Movie Magic part 2, the artists had to make a third make-up for a third character in their short films.  For Nora’s “The Prey,” the hunter becomes the hunted as she devises a larger predator character.  For Evan’s “Quarantine Zone,” a third, fully infected character is needed, thus forcing him to tone down his secondary character to show less of the virus taking hold.  For Ben’s “Resurrection,” a sacrifice is needed and Ben needs to pull out a beauty make-up.

Ricky, Libby, and Jason all return to help and are claimed by Nora, Evan, and Ben, respectively.

Nora seems the most solid throughout.  Her screen tests went nearly perfectly and her filming seemed about the same.  Evan truly impressed me with his rework of the make-ups, and I loved the captive character’s new look with one side of his face overtaken by the virus.  I liked his film the best too.  Ben struggled with the beauty make-up and it might have been his undoing.

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 9.04.03 PM

Nora took home the win!  I can’t say I’m surprised.  What did you all think?

A new season starts in January.  I’ll be watching!  Will you?!

Fall Photos

I promised to share some photos from my Blue Hills hike last week, but looking through my photos… I fell in love with my cemetery shots.  Enjoy autumn in the suburbs with these photos!

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Weekend Vlog #15!

Is this a milestone?  Maybe a mini milestone.  Please subscribe to see all the videos I filmed during this weekend vlog!

As you can see from this video, I made it to spin class both Tuesday and Friday last week!  Have I retired from running for the season?  Ugh, I hope not.  As we slide into less daylight and warmth, everything seems to get harder.

How’s everyone else holding up?

Project Runway: Red Carpet

Last week’s Project Runway was the last challenge before the finale.  Four extremely talented designers were left– Kelly, my Boston girl, who has grown immensely throughout the season, wowed the judges, and stands as my favorite; Edmond, a front-runner from the beginning creating polished and stunning pieces; Candice, who I’ve always liked and definitely has direction; and Ashley, who I liked right away but has sort of lost her shine throughout the season.

These four are flown to Los Angeles, California for the Best Western challenge.  The winner gets 100 free nights in any Best Western (!!) and obviously, goes on to fashion week along with two of their fellow designers.  They have a budget of $400.  I have a lot to say about each of the looks, so let’s just fast-forward the two days back to New York for the runway!

Zac, Heidi, and Nina are joined by guest judge Christian Siriano for the runway show.  Here’s what the designers present:


  • Candice’s look is lovely.  The top of that dress is beautiful.  Is it safe, as Nina says?  Yes.  Will it get her sent home?  Absolutely not.  It fits the challenge as red carpet wear.  I’ve liked Candice throughout. Apparently I’d never noticed until now that she has a full leg tattoo (like a sleeve, but on your leg.  a pant?).  I’ve enjoyed her work and her aesthetic.
  • Kelly does it again!  I was worried about the risk of presenting a jumpsuit, but this gorgeous layered textile she created honestly works so well in this format.  I can’t even picture this as a dress.  This is absolutely polished enough for the red carpet and it’ll definitely get photographers’ attention.  I’m still so proud of Kelly.  I’m laughing about the moment she calls it “her deli” from back home and then laughs at herself saying, “I don’t own a deli; I make sandwiches!”  She’s grown so much and there’s not one second I doubted her space in the finale throughout this episode.
  • This fabric didn’t speak to me the way it spoke to Edmond in mood.  Sure, I like it, but I would never choose it.  I can’t picture this ever swinging elegant.  I do like the silhouette he ended up with, even though Christian says he could do it in 10 minutes.  It’s especially lovely from the back.  Never for a second did I doubt Edmond’s spot in the finale either.
  • Ashley’s ready-to-wear pieces are so good.  Ashley’s lavender hair and perfectly coordinated lip color are both so good.  Lately, though, Ashley’s doubts have gotten the better of her.  This dress didn’t do it for me.  I liked the textile and I liked Aube’s cleavage.  Nina noticed fit issues and so did I all the way from TV land.  She struggled in this challenge and in my opinion, she was the least deserving of the four to go to fashion week.

Candice is announced as “in” first and is off to fashion week!  I’m a bit surprised that they’d announce her first, but that’s because they were saving Kelly’s spot to announce that she had won the challenge!  Kelly wins 100 free nights at Best Westerns, a ticket to fashion week, and literally like a new life?  I’m so proud of her.  It comes down to Edmond and Ashley, and I’m shocked that the judges do not invite Edmond to fashion week.  I was sure that Tim was going to suddenly whip out that Tim Gunn save and send him there anyway.  Maybe with some time at home, Ashley will have a fresh perspective on her designs and wow us at fashion week.  …but I really wanted to see Edmond’s collection.


Scream Queens: Dos Diablos!


As always, here are my thoughts on this week’s Scream Queens:

  • Chanel rigs the election so she… loses!  She wanted Zayday to be president so she wouldn’t be the public face of KKT aka the main target.  Is Chanel actually super smart?
  • Another episode, another HORRIBLE hat on Grace.
  • Billie Lourd is the character winner of this episode.  Her voice makes me jealous because it’s not my voice.  Her storyline/little love affair with Sam was super compelling too.  And hey, how about working that earmuff explanation into this episode!  Awesome.
  • Sam, on the other hand, was the character loser of the episode.  And how could she say a thing like, “I knew it was you” when there is definitely no clear killer.
  • Speaking of clear killers… is it me or do the devils lack direction?  This episode’s red devil was absolutely not after Chanel no. 5, but was after Zayday.  Last episode, the red devil was in love with, and definitely not looking to kill, Zayday.
  • Roger died, but like, at least he’s with his brother now.  I’m sure he’s happier this way.
  • Chad Radwell’s “Dos diablos,” comment, the namesake of this post, was my favorite line.  I also enjoyed Lea Michele’s “…but she doesn’t because she’s dead!”
  • Before we go, let’s talk about the above photo: wasn’t the haunted pumpkin patch to take place on Halloween night?  Is Scream Queens just in a state of perpetual Halloween?

I think Chanel is looking less and less guilty as this show goes on.  I’ve never thought she was, but I don’t think you possibly could now.  What do you think?  Missing from this episode: all adults.  Any red devil theories?

Face Off: Movie Magic

I’m not going to lie, you guys.  I like the challenges in reality TV, but I’m never truly interested enough to see who wins.  This is my struggling with blogging shows like Face Off.  I want to report who wins, but the finale challenges are so drawn out and, well, there’s nothing after it!

Regardless, let’s talk about Movie Magic part 1.  I can’t quite recall if I’ve ever seen a Face Off finale (see above) despite loving this show.  The final three– Nora, Ben, and Evan– are two make two movie characters, see them on film and adjust accordingly.  Patrick Tatopoulos has written little scripts and provided the frame work.  Former contestants will help them with these make-ups.

  • Nora’s film is called “The Prey” and she has the dream team of Jasmine and Meg to help her.
  • Ben has “Resurrection” and Jordan and Scott to help him out.
  • Evan get “Quarantine Zone” and has the aid of Kevon and Stevie.

Here’s what they come up with:


Nora’s predator (top left) and prey (bottom left); Ben’s alien priest (top center) and resurrected character (bottom center); Evan’s newly infection (top right) and severely infected (bottom right)

We see them on film somewhat, but I can’t wait to see them tweaked and come to life next week.  Who’s on the right track?  Who’s going to win?  I’m going Nora!