Face Off: Apocalypse, We’ve All Been There

Sorry I’m not sorry for using a Once More with Feeling lyric as the title.

This week’s Face Off was perhaps the first true horror challenge void of whimsy we’ve seen this season.  For that reason, you might notice I’m not featuring pictures of each make-up.  Check out Syfy.com for these, because they were not pretty enough for the blog.  Sorry I’m not sorry again.

Instead, here's a picture of my actual favorite moment of the episode.  You'll see later; keep reading.

Instead, here’s a picture of my actual favorite moment of the episode. You’ll see later; keep reading.

The concept for the episode was actually really cool.  The Spotlight Challenge of “Judgement” is all about harbingers of death, the four horsemen of the apocalypse: Famine, War, Pestilence, and Death.  The eight remaining artists grab one of these themes and form loose teams of four– it’s an individual challenge, but the make-ups are to be presented together as all four horsemen.

The presentation is very dramatic and has a neat effect.  Meg is certainly pleasantly surprised to see them seemingly teleport in through smoke.  Does this remind anyone else of old school Power Rangers?!  The best part of this is that Ve Neill seems to sincerely appreciate and enjoy this.  She even claps enthusiastically at the effect.  Hence, the above.  So freakin’ cute, Ms. Neill!

Safe looks are Meg’s voodoo-like Pestilence, Jordan’s War, Scott’s Death, and Stevie’s Famine.

Top looks are Nora’s Famine and Evan’s Death.  Evan’s Death takes the win!

Bottom looks are Ben’s War, which he knew was not good, and Kevon’s bizarre Pestilence, which he was proud of but totally knew was out of the box.  Kevon goes home for making these odd choices.

The group gets smaller as we head into next week’s freak show!  American Horror Story vibes are getting me excited for this one.  Thoughts?!

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