Project Runway: Futuristic Flash-Back

It may be an oxymoron, but last week’s Project Runway was both a blast from the past and a flash-forward.  It was– my favorite– an unconventional materials challenge!  It started with a boombox and the clue from Heidi to “dive in.”  How does retro tech fit with that clue?  It’s a dumpster dive through outdated technology!  It yielded, of course, mixed results.

Lindsay is getting on my nerves.  She’s such a complainer and no one understands her and she doesn’t get unconventional materials… yeah girl, that’s the point.  Kelly is totally inspired.  She thrives using unconventional materials.  ‘Atta girl, Boston!  Ashley doesn’t trust her own process, but her nostalgic polaroid picture look is pure gold.

Ashley's smashed Polaroid photo dress is my absolute favorite this week.  I'd wear that in a heartbeat.

Ashley’s smashed Polaroid photo dress is my absolute favorite this week. I’d wear that in a heartbeat.

Here’s what the rest of the designers make:


L to R, T to B:

  • Lindsay’s dress is made of computer keys and CD sleeves.  I hate this CD sleeve skirt and agree with Zac Posen’s shower curtain comment.  I like the keys, but I don’t like the cut of the top nor the shiny center detail.  She’s one of the low scores this week.  And she cries about how mean the judges are to her.
  • Candice’s look is pretty cool, but it does look heavy and Tim specifically said that the model need to be able to walk in it.  The model walked pretty slow!  Still, every time I look at it, I’m amazed that those are wires.
  • Merline had immunity and let herself go a little off course.  This gothic look is definitely a character, to me, but I don’t dislike it.  It’s just not wearable.
  • Kelly’s dress is out of this world amazing.  This screen cap does it no justice, but every single time this dress came on screen I was transfixed.  Kelly is this week’s winner, and even though I love Ashley’s dress, I totally think Kelly deserved this one!
  • Joseph’s dress is mouse pads and a couple wires that basically frayed in the crotch… purposely.  It was an improvement as far as Joseph’s silhouettes go, but I think it’s appropriate that he was sent home this week.  He’s pretty tapped out.
  • Laurie’s top is cute, but I would’ve liked the whole look better if it were one with the bottom.
  • Swapnil’s wire contraption is all he created.  The judges like the top of it, but not the bottom.  I don’t like it at all and agree with Heidi that the bottom looks like you’ve gone behind the TV and discovered the ball of wires.  He painted on muslin just so there would be a bottom… not quite there.  He is in the bottom this week as well.
  • Edmund’s piece looks impressive on the runway earning him a top spot for the week.  It’s so interesting what he could do with wire and mousepads in comparison to the eliminated look.

Is someone missing?  Sadly, Jake sent himself home dealing with the impending death of his dog.  I hate to see someone leave for that reason, but Jake, to me, didn’t have much potential left.  We’ll never know, though.

What did you think of last week’s episode?!

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