Day: September 18, 2015

MasterChef: Finale

Guys, I wasn’t ready for MasterChef to end!  I wasn’t ready for the finale.  This week we got two episodes: the semi-finals, and the final showdown.  Let’s recap, shall we?

Stephen, Derrick, and Claudia are tasked with serving up a beautiful dish… well, times thirty.  Gordon, Graham, and Christina invite 10 of their most respected culinary team members to taste these dishes.  The best of the three wins his or her way straight to the finale.  Two remaining two face off for that last spot.

To accomplish this task, they each are assigned a sous chef: Stephen gets Tommy, Claudia gets Katrina, and Derrick gets Hetal.  Here’s what they make:


The winner with the most refined dish is DERRICK!  I am so happy to see my frontrunner go straight to the finale.  Now Stephen and Claudia face off with three dishes: a cheese soufflé, steak frites, and a raspberry coulis-filled panna cotta.

As much as I wanted this Derrick/Stephen showdown, even I must admit Claudia dishes looked better.  They tasted better too, and it’s Claudia vs. Derrick in the final. (more…)