Weekend Vlog #9 // Running Log

This is actually a nice long weekend vlog for you, babies.  There is also a part two for you to watch!

And here’s the week in review for running:

  • Monday, September 7th: 2 miles!
  • Tuesday, September 8th: what did I do this night?  I forget, but I know it wasn’t running.
  • Wednesday, September 9th: 2 miles!
  • Thursday, September 10th: bad day, no running.
  • Friday, September 11th: 2 miles!
  • Saturday, September 12th: plenty of walking, no running.
  • Sunday, September 13th: just 1 mile.

So, I’m a little disappointed about that one mile on Sunday, but looking back at the week, I should be proud!  This was a pretty decent running week.  Actually, I guess this was the best running week I’ve had ever.  Perhaps as you read this, I am undertaking a new exercise challenge… more on that next week!

And stay tuned for my Primark Haul tomorrow!  Go subscribe so you won’t miss it.

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