Project Runway: Pajama Party

Oh goodness, did I love last week’s Project Runway challenge!  We’ve seen some interesting ones with Heidi Klum’s various lines before, but this has got to be the first lingerie challenge.  (Right?)  It’s super interesting to me– I love a good Victoria’s Secret fashion show, and love choosing my own underthings, be they cute, comfy, or sexy.  TMI?  Well, let’s get to the designers, then.

After Heidi announces the winner’s design will be mass produced for her Heidi Klum Intimates collection, the designers find themselves in the workroom with plenty of lace, bows, and basic bra forms so they don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

They have one day for this challenge.  There is, of course, a twist!  Heidi also announces that they are to make a cover-up for their lingerie.  They also have to have a slumber party aka sleep on the runway before the show.  Hah!

Can we talk about Lindsay real quick?  She drops her scissors and cuts her hand and has to go get a stitch and I think she’s being a total baby.  Like, not that she didn’t deserve medical attention… but like, she was being so dramatic about it.  I still like her, so whatever.

Here’s what the designers come up with:


L to R, top to bottom:

  • Swapnil’s design looks more like a finale piece– straight out of a Victoria’s Secret fashion show!
  • Ashley’s looks good but full-coverage.  The bathrobe looks very nice!
  • Lindsay’s look is actually my favorite!  I love the colors and I love how thoughtful her design is.
  • Merline’s look is sexy and adorable!
  • Joseph surprised me, because this is a very good look overall.  The bottoms don’t fit well at all, but the bra is good.
  • Candice has another great and sexy look!
  • Laurie’s bra is great– I do love the knot in the center.  Her bottom is hideous, though.  Those strings are in the wrong place and the seam is too.
  • Jake’s look… huh, I actually quite like the t-shirt bra but HATE those bottoms.  I actually have panties with one of these straps and I hate wearing them because they make me feel so fat.  The model doesn’t even look good in this style.  No one would!
  • Kelly’s looks good– sporty and sexy!
  • I don’t really care for Edmund’s.  It’s fine, but it’s not special.
  • Blake’s is HORRIBLE.  That bra has no support and those bottoms are sooo 80’s and horribly cut.

Top for the week: Swapnil, Ashley, and the winner, Merline!

Bottom for the week: Jake, Laurie, and Blake, who gets sent home.  As much as I prefer Blake to Jake… man, that look was bad!

What did you all think?

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