Face Off: Shakespeare Style

This week’s Face Off featured another focus challenge.  The theme of this one warms this little former-lit-major’s heart: Shakespeare!  You all know that these plays were originally performed with all male casts.  For this challenge, the artists will have to pull off a gender-swap turning men into iconic female Shakespeare characters.

The characters were assigned.  Since this was the only challenge they did, let’s just jump right into the results, shall we?


The top looks were my girls Meg and Stevie.  Poor Meg has been called out so frequently, but thankfully it’s for top looks this time… and she won!  She and Stevie are both proving to be powerhouses.  Meg’s is my favorite look this time.  This face is gorgeous and certainly feminine.  The make-up color made me a little nervous for Stevie’s girl, but the judges enjoyed the red tones.  She looks nice and feminine too!


The bottom two looks out of the group were Ricky’s creepy Ophelia and Evan’s drag queen Hecate.  Shout out to Jasmine for scrapping her prosthetic and doing one hell of a beauty make-up on her model!  (This is what Ru Paul’s drag queens would call beating their faces.  I love it.)

Ricky is sent home, rightfully.


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