Project Runway: Love & War

Last week’s Project Runway declared war… a paintball war.  First, there was team picking (for paintball and fashion designing) to be done!  It just so happens that all of the teams came out boys v. girls with just Merline and Ashley left to be chosen.  The boys team chose Merline and Ashley defaulted to the girls team.  This selection process shocked Heidi, who notes that Ashley has already won two challenges.

Ashley has also played a lot of paintball.  The girls pretty much clobber the boys.  Blake hides during the whole encounter and emerges with an unblemished white garment on.  The paint-covered garments the designers are wearing are the fabric they will use for the challenge– a six look collection.  Supplemental material is provided and there is a lot of textile-making… with varied results.

Edmund mentions he has a bad taste in his mouth from his team challenge with Hanmiao, but the men + Merline get alone swimmingly!  They chose to work in blue and white with a splash of yellow.  Their colors are cohesive, as are their designs while still preserving each designers point of view.  It’s amazing howe well they got along, but even more amazing is their result:

L to R: Edmund's dress, Blake's dress, Joseph's skirt & jacket, Swapnil's dress, Merline's coat, Jake's cape & pants.

L to R: Edmund’s dress, Blake’s dress, Joseph’s skirt & jacket, Swapnil’s dress, Merline’s coat, Jake’s cape & pants.

Honestly, as these looks came out on the runway, I loved each one more than the last.  Edmund, Blake, and Swapnil all made such gorgeous dresses.  Joseph is my big surprise– I love his look!  The little jacket is just so chic.  This team obviously wins.  As Kelly Osbourne, guest judge, notes, they did a f*cking good job.

Guys, I hate to say this about my own kind, but girls are so bad at getting along in large groups.  It’s true in my own experience, and in this challenge.  The girls do not have a direction from the start.  They eventually land on “purple” to tie them together as a collection, while still working on six separate looks.  Ashley has hurt feelings about being picked last, and it doesn’t help that a bunch of the girls decide to throw her under the bus for their looks going south.

L to R: Lori's top & shorts, Ashley's top & skirt, Candice's dress, Amanda's dress, Lindsey's coat, top, and pants, Kelly's top & skirt.

L to R: Lori’s top & shorts, Ashley’s top & skirt, Candice’s dress, Amanda’s dress, Lindsey’s coat, top, and pants, Kelly’s top & skirt.

Lori’s shorts are actually super cute; I’d wear them!  The only other looks that I don’t hate immediately is Lindsay’s jacket.  All the colors look like pajamas, though.  Amanda’s dress actually didn’t offend me.  It offended the judges, though, and she got sent home for this look.

Who do you think deserved to go home last week?

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