Updated Aliens

I was surprised to see another Foundation Challenge to start this week’s Face Off. Man, these Foundation Challenges have been so cool, though! Harkening back to iconic sci fi shows of the 60’s and 70’s, the artists are challenged to create a retro alien. They each pick a backdrop to inspire their design. Their guest judge, whose Star Trek work is very relevant to this challenge, is their mentor, Michael Westmore.

Results are FUN. There is a lot of color and pattern. The top two looks are Evan and Jordan, but Evan wins it for his avatar-inspired alien (below). He gets immunity in the Spotlight Challenge.

The Spotlight Challenge further expands upon this. The artists are now tasked with rebooting their aliens– modernizing them for today. Luckily, two more of their judges also have such Star Trek experience– Ve Neill and Neville Page. Guest judge Michael Dorn even visits the artists in progress with Mr. Westmore.

Here’s what they come up with:

IMG_9253 IMG_9254

Top looks were Stevie, Scott, and Ben. Ben ended up winning, even though he hated his original alien! Way to rise to the challenge.

Bottom looks were Jasmine, Jason, and Jordan. Jason was eliminated.

I’m glad Jasmine’s still here, because she’s done such nice work so far! I’m also fond of Stevie and Meg, but Scott was my favorite make-up this week. Thoughts?!

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