Month: September 2015


Today, there is a lot of pressure on me.  I can’t wait for this day to be over.  Instead of dwelling, let’s remember the good moments this month:


[1] baby’s first headshot. [2] koi pond at Cafe ArtScience. [3] bikes in Newport. [4] sangria on the Rattlesnake rooftop. [5] blondie selfies. [6] Prudential views. [7] my new perfume encourages me to live fearlessly. [8] Boston’s seaport. [9] oysters!

Send me some good vibes today, loves.

October, I can’t wait to greet you!

Week in Review + Weekend Vlog

Guys, I really like this weekend vlog.  I hope you like it too.  It wasn’t the craziest weekend, but I like the feel of it… the things I ate, the places I went.  I’m happy with this one.  I’m happy with how my editing skills are coming along!

So, I wan’t to turn my fitness log into a little bit of a week in review instead.  Of course, we’ll be focusing on running and gym things, because that’s part of my life now!

  • Monday | I caught up with two of my very best friends who I really hadn’t seen for months.  We made some very unhealthy food decisions, but enjoyed each other’s company very much.  It’s remarkable how busy we all are now, so it’s important to make time for friends.
  • Tuesday | I returned for a second spinning class and this time, I did so much better!  I tried so much harder than the first time and pushed myself more.  I biked 18 miles in my 45 minute class and I am so, so into this now!  Then I watched Scream Queens and that was amazing.
  • Wednesday | Finally got to the gym and had a really tough time.  I got 1 mile under my belt and headed home.  I watched the Nashville premiere and everyone was so sad in it.
  • Thursday | A similar experience at the gym… just 1 mile.  But Thursday was my Friday!
  • Friday | I didn’t go to the gym, but I did SO MUCH WALKING around the city.  21,375 steps, to be exact, according to my fitbit.
  • Saturday | Fun, food, and friendship!  Also a 1.5 mile run in the morning.
  • Sunday | Another 1.5 mile run to break the Sunday curse!  I swear, now that I have a running playlist, things are going better.  I baked and went to Target.

How was everyone’s week?!

Project Runway: Broadway Style

When you think Broadway, you probably think costumes.  That’s not what the designers had to contend with in last week’s episode!  The designers find themselves on Broadway, in a theatre, face to face to Matthew Morrison.  It’s something fun!  They actually get to sit and watch Finding Neverland on Broadway and design the next day.

They are to draw their inspiration from Fining Neverland, but the garment can be whatever they want.  The designers are all seemingly very affected by the musical and, for the most part, significantly inspired.  Candice and Lindsay are both moved to tears.  It’s Kelly’s first Broadway show and she’s feeling very special; she decides, bolstered by her immunity, to try something completely out of her norm.  Ashley is nervous; she feels she needs parameters to do well.  The next day at Mood, Edmund is choosing crazy colors.  Tim’s a bit nervous, but Edmund says he dreams in color.  Tim adds he dreams in black and white and shades of gray.  Love you, Tim Gunn.

Swapnil knows he procrastinated his look a lot the previous week.  Tim even acknowledges that he’s given 40% and needs to give 100%.  Swapnil ends up disappointed because giving 100% makes him safe.  Merline, who had a bit of trouble getting inspired but ends up with a cool cagey shoulder look, is also safe.  The best and the worst this week:


  • Candice | This gorgeous floral winged-coat, leather bodice, and tight pant combo blows me away.  I love it and so do the judges.
  • Lindsay | The color is beautiful and so is the movement of the dress.  I don’t like the high cut of the neckline, but I like the flow of the dress.  The judges do not.
  • Edmund | Okay, his coat looks like Lumpy Space Princess, but I also kind of like the texture.  The crop top and pants underneath the (Zac Posen calls it a muppet) coat are pure gold, though.
  • Laurie | I mean, the model isn’t dressed.  I like her coat, but all of the models parts are out.
  • Kelly | Her reimagining of old Broadway attire works for me.  She made the gloves, so points!  Both myself and the judges love the green sequin fabric.
  • Ashley | I like the ombre textile, but I don’t like the dress.  Neither do the judges.

Candice takes the win!

It comes down to Laurie and Lindsay for who’s to be out, and Lindsay goes.  I’ve liked Lindsay, but despite her saying she likes being here, I’m not believing it.  I’m shocked that Laurie’s garment held up against hers, but maybe it was just time for Lindsay to go.  Thoughts?!

Watch Scream Queens, Idiot Hookers


I had originally planned on watching writing about Doctor Who, but after watching the premiere of Scream Queens, there’s no way I can’t include this show on the blog. This newcomer is campy but compelling, with plenty of laugh-out-loud moments, fantastic faux furs, and of course, plentiful deaths.

Setting the Scene:

We start out with a flashback to 1995, which makes me think, am I really this old? A sorority girl has given birth in a bathtub in true I-didn’t-know-I-was-pregnant form. Her Kappa Kappa Tau sisters are outraged that she would ruin their party like this, and simply must go jam to Waterfalls (yes!). They leave her to bleed out in the bathtub. (Death toll: 1) What becomes of the baby is a mystery for now.

In 2015, we meet Chanel (Emma Robert), the current president of KKT. We also meet her minions, Chanel #2, Chanel #3, and Chanel #5. There was a Chanel #4 but she went home ’cause she had meningitis and then she died. (Death toll: 2).

We also meet Grace, who is weirdly close with her father and again makes me feel ANCIENT when we find out Twilight was her first PG-13 movie. Her mother was a Kappa and died when she was a baby. (Death toll: 3. Possibly? I immediately think Grace could be the baby from the bathtub.)

Dark Comedy:

We eventually learn that the dean (Jamie Lee Curtis) covered up the bathtub death, that the previous president of KKT met with a cruel fate in the form of a hydrochloric acid spray tan (death toll: 4), and that Chanel orders her pumpkin spice lattes half-caf, no foam, extra hot, skinny, no foam.

The copious deaths get funny, when Chanel accidentally kills the housemaid by burning her face off. (death toll: 5) and of course, Chanel #2’s (Ariana Grande) dance with the devil– she invites him in, answers his “I’m going to kill you now” text with “Wait whaaaat???!” and sends a tweet for help while getting killed. Hilarious!

I’m slightly bothered by the fact that we never learn people’s real names, but I’ll get over it. This trend continues with the pledges, including Neckbrace (a hilariously creepy character played by Lea Michele) and Deaf Taylor Swift, RIP (death toll: 6).

Niecy Nash’s character is also hilarious. I laughed out loud at, “Shaundell, why you got a knife in your throat?” (death toll: 7)


So far I think Grace’s dad is the killer. There is something so not right about him.

The death of Boone (Nick Jonas) was predictable (death toll: 8, but wait!), but the ending twist was not!  Since we’ve already read that Ariana Grande will make a return, I’m guessing some of these other deaths are also unconfirmed.

Favorite Moments:

  • The aforementioned, “Shaundell, why you got a knife in your throat?”
  • “You don’t die from getting your face burnt off!” / “Yes you do!”
  • “Wait, Mom” (I can’t wait for more of Lea Michele’s character!)
  • “No one forced that goat to get as drunk as he did.”
  • Jennifer, the candle vlogger (!!)
  • Everything Emma Roberts wears, especially the faux furs!


Go follow me on twitter where I’ll be live-tweeting next week’s episode!  And join me here, idiot hookers, for more discussion afterward.

Have you watched Scream Queens yet?  Do you love it as much as I do?!  Let’s hear it!

Face Off: Apocalypse, We’ve All Been There

Sorry I’m not sorry for using a Once More with Feeling lyric as the title.

This week’s Face Off was perhaps the first true horror challenge void of whimsy we’ve seen this season.  For that reason, you might notice I’m not featuring pictures of each make-up.  Check out for these, because they were not pretty enough for the blog.  Sorry I’m not sorry again.

Instead, here's a picture of my actual favorite moment of the episode.  You'll see later; keep reading.

Instead, here’s a picture of my actual favorite moment of the episode. You’ll see later; keep reading.

The concept for the episode was actually really cool.  The Spotlight Challenge of “Judgement” is all about harbingers of death, the four horsemen of the apocalypse: Famine, War, Pestilence, and Death.  The eight remaining artists grab one of these themes and form loose teams of four– it’s an individual challenge, but the make-ups are to be presented together as all four horsemen.

The presentation is very dramatic and has a neat effect.  Meg is certainly pleasantly surprised to see them seemingly teleport in through smoke.  Does this remind anyone else of old school Power Rangers?!  The best part of this is that Ve Neill seems to sincerely appreciate and enjoy this.  She even claps enthusiastically at the effect.  Hence, the above.  So freakin’ cute, Ms. Neill!

Safe looks are Meg’s voodoo-like Pestilence, Jordan’s War, Scott’s Death, and Stevie’s Famine.

Top looks are Nora’s Famine and Evan’s Death.  Evan’s Death takes the win!

Bottom looks are Ben’s War, which he knew was not good, and Kevon’s bizarre Pestilence, which he was proud of but totally knew was out of the box.  Kevon goes home for making these odd choices.

The group gets smaller as we head into next week’s freak show!  American Horror Story vibes are getting me excited for this one.  Thoughts?!

For the Love of Fall TV

t’s officially fall, and you know what that means– football, boots, pumpkin everything… and new fall TV!  Yes, our favorite shows are returning for the season and I couldn’t be more excited about it.  Here’s what I’ll be watching this season:

Doctor Who – Doctor Who officially returned last weekend.  Like I said in my last weekend vlog, I haven’t watched the season premiere yet.  I was also playing around with the idea of posting about it here, but I’m not committed to that either… I will get around to watching, though!

Scream Queens – I live tweeted the premiere last night, and I can already tell you I’m loving this ridiculous show.  This is the only brand new series on my list.  Join me on twitter for the fun!

Plus all of Chanel's (Emma Roberts) outfits are amazing and I'm really glad I just bought that faux fur coat. Again, see vlog!

Plus all of Chanel’s (Emma Roberts) outfits are amazing and I’m really glad I just bought that faux fur coat.

Nashville – Last year’s cliffhanger ending just about did me in.  I’m pretty sure Deacon’s not dead, but I’m anxious all the same.  Nashville returns tonight!  I’ve already got the episode DVR’ed.

AHS: Hotel – On to things that haven’t happened yet! American Horror Story’s newest season kicks off October 7th.  I might never recover from the lack of Jessica Lange, but I’m still up for it.

Walking Dead – I fell in love with this show last year just in time to watch the season wrap up.  I’ve been okay during the hiatus, but I’m so ready for The Walking Dead to come back!  October 11th for this one.

Manhattan – I can’t believe I haven’t talked about this show yet.  It’s a FANTASTIC piece of historical fiction about the Manhattan project that I watched on Hulu.  The second season is FINALLY premiering on October 13 on WGN America… sorry, but I’d never heard of that channel before.  I’ll be tuning in now, though!

MasterChef Junior – With MasterChef over, I can’t wait for more cooking competitions!  MasterChef Junior is even cuter than the adult version.  I’m interested to see the first time that Christina’s with the kids.  I still miss Joe, though.  We sadly have to wait until November 6th!

What are you watching this season?!

Weekend Vlog & Fitness Log

See what I did there?  Enjoy the (long!) vlog in which I shopped a lot at Alex & Ani, Sephora, and Barnes & Noble, ate at Tiffani Faison’s Sweet Cheeks Q, and celebrated my brother’s birthday!

And here’s how the week at the gym went:

  • Monday | Hard day.  Decided to avoid running, boo.
  • Tuesday | Instead of running, I took my very first spinning class!  Honestly, I’ve been afraid of this for so long but I bit the bullet and ended up totally loving it!  I’m going back for another today… perhaps as you’re reading this!
  • Wednesday | 1.5 miles
  • Thursday | 1.5 miles
  • Friday | Lazy day.  No running.
  • Saturday | 1.5 miles
  • Sunday | 1 mile.  Guess that’s a Sunday thing now.

So, no great distances this week but I went to the gym 5 out of 7 days and hey, that’s not too shabby!  The worst part of this is the days I didn’t go to the gym were days I simply didn’t feel like it.  Here, I think I could’ve done better.  This is not always the case (and spoiler alert: not the case this week) but when it is, I should be pushing myself a little more.

This week’s goal: no excuses.  No “I don’t feel like it” or lazy days.  Let’s see how I do!

Project Runway: Futuristic Flash-Back

It may be an oxymoron, but last week’s Project Runway was both a blast from the past and a flash-forward.  It was– my favorite– an unconventional materials challenge!  It started with a boombox and the clue from Heidi to “dive in.”  How does retro tech fit with that clue?  It’s a dumpster dive through outdated technology!  It yielded, of course, mixed results.

Lindsay is getting on my nerves.  She’s such a complainer and no one understands her and she doesn’t get unconventional materials… yeah girl, that’s the point.  Kelly is totally inspired.  She thrives using unconventional materials.  ‘Atta girl, Boston!  Ashley doesn’t trust her own process, but her nostalgic polaroid picture look is pure gold.

Ashley's smashed Polaroid photo dress is my absolute favorite this week.  I'd wear that in a heartbeat.

Ashley’s smashed Polaroid photo dress is my absolute favorite this week. I’d wear that in a heartbeat.

Here’s what the rest of the designers make: (more…)

MasterChef: Finale

Guys, I wasn’t ready for MasterChef to end!  I wasn’t ready for the finale.  This week we got two episodes: the semi-finals, and the final showdown.  Let’s recap, shall we?

Stephen, Derrick, and Claudia are tasked with serving up a beautiful dish… well, times thirty.  Gordon, Graham, and Christina invite 10 of their most respected culinary team members to taste these dishes.  The best of the three wins his or her way straight to the finale.  Two remaining two face off for that last spot.

To accomplish this task, they each are assigned a sous chef: Stephen gets Tommy, Claudia gets Katrina, and Derrick gets Hetal.  Here’s what they make:


The winner with the most refined dish is DERRICK!  I am so happy to see my frontrunner go straight to the finale.  Now Stephen and Claudia face off with three dishes: a cheese soufflé, steak frites, and a raspberry coulis-filled panna cotta.

As much as I wanted this Derrick/Stephen showdown, even I must admit Claudia dishes looked better.  They tasted better too, and it’s Claudia vs. Derrick in the final. (more…)

Face Off: The Gauntlet

This is an angel.  Find out who made him below!

This is an angel. Find out who made him below!

McKenzie lays it out for the artists: she’s throwing them the toughest challenge that Face Off has ever seen.  This is the Gauntlet: three rounds of competition with rankings at the end of each, each round is weighted more heavily than the last.  The winner will have the combined highest ranking and the loser will be eliminated.

Round 1 is all about exposure to the elements.  Models walk in dressed either from the extreme heat of the desert or extreme cold.  The artists pick a model and build an exposure make-up from their clothing cues.  Most of them accomplish this pretty well.  Honestly, frostbite and sunburn make-ups are both so disgusting.  Jasmine doesn’t really get the memo and makes some sort of desert poison make-up.  The rankings for the first round are:

  1. Nora
  2. Jordan
  3. Scott
  4. Meg
  5. Ben
  6. Jasmine
  7. Evan
  8. Stevie
  9. Kevon

Round 2 starts right away with a bunch of new costumed models with prosthetics already applied.  This challenge is all about painting!  Again, some beautiful work is done.  There are a few missed opportunities here and there, but here are the rankings for round 2: (more…)