Project Runway: Fashion Flip

Did anyone else think last week’s Project Runway had like, a lot of themes?  It was the Mary Kay Challenge, meaning the winner gets $5000 care of Mary Kay Cosmetics.  The challenge was to update a classic garment (think: the wrap dress, the pencil skirt) by adding your own twist.  Also, the designers were to use the New York City skyline as inspiration.  See what I mean?  There are a lot of things.

Anyway, I can’t help but find this a very daunting task.  The designers take their very first trip to Mood after sketching to pick out fabrics.  They only get one day for this challenge as well.  In that one-day, they fit in some model fittings and hair and make-up consultations.  At the end of it all, here’s what they put on the runway:



  • Kiernan Shipka, one of my favorites, guest judges.  I can think of a more appropriate guest judge for updated fashions than this Mad Men star!  She has great shoes on, if you noticed.  She’s also very kind to the designers.
  • Kelly’s updated tee doesn’t thrill me.
  • For Joseph, this design is good.  I don’t think it looks too old like most of his designs do.
  • Ashley’s dress was cute and very wearable.
  • Laurie’s teetered for me between wearable and dramatic, but I think it’s a nice, polished look.
  • I honestly don’t know what to say about Jake’s.  I don’t know who this customer is, but it’s not me.
  • Merline’s design looked a bit unfinished, but she does well with an architectural challenge like this.
  • Edmond’s jacket was a great print.  I’m not sure how I feel about the weird center keyhole cutout.
  • Now we’re on to the top and bottom looks!  Blake’s dress is definitely held together with pixie dust, and I, like Nina, also though the back was possibly held up by the girl’s ponytail on the runway.  However, the more I looked at Blake’s dress the more I really liked it and what he was able to accomplish here.  He’s created something new: a silhouette we haven’t seen before, but one I could completely see working.  He won the challenge for this, and I think he deserved it!
  • Amanda was in the bottom again.  This dress is really sad to look at.  The judges all say maternity and toga and I can’t disagree.  It came down to her and the eliminated designer.
  • Swapnil’s dress was ruffled, voluminous, short, and sexy!  This for me, like Blake’s, really accomplished the challenge of creating a new classic… this could totally be a new LBD.  Kiernan would wear it and so would I.  He was another of the top three.
  • Poor Gabrielle was eliminated this week.  Her coat is actually really cute.  Kiernan tried it on and the judges all liked it too.  It’s the white dress underneath that is so horrible and unfinished that she deserved to be sent home for it.
  • I like Lindsay, so it’s hard to criticize her, but there was nothing that stood out about this look.  The fabric choice was odd and heavy and the coat was too over-sized.  It looked like an Olson twin look to me.  She was in the bottom, but dismissed as safe early on.
  • Candice’s look was definitely cool.  I didn’t understand the blazer thing, but I liked it, and that’s a good sign.  The judges loved the silhouette of this look too, and they knew right away it was hers.  That’s another top look for Candice!

Amanda must seriously be on her last leg, huh guys?

What did you think of this elimination?

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